The mayor of San Fernando asks to de-link corvette contracts from the arms debate

The mayor of San Fernando asks to de-link corvette contracts from the arms debate

The mayor of San Fernando (Cádiz), Patricia Cavada (PSOE), today claimed to dissociate from the "international debate" the contract for the manufacture of five corvettes for the Saudi army to be built mainly in the shipyard of Navantia located in this location.

In statements to EFE, the mayor has stressed that this contract, valued at 1,800 million euros, and that according to estimates would create 6,000 direct and indirect jobs, is "essential for San Fernando, for the Bay of Cádiz" and for " a strategic sector of the Andalusian economy ".

Cavada has insisted that the shipyard of San Fernando has "300 years of history" of building fundamentally military ships for the navies of different countries.

"It is the flagship product of a leading shipyard worldwide in this sector," stressed the mayor of a town of about 96,000 inhabitants and has nearly 11,000 residents in unemployment.

The mayor assures that no company that arrives in San Fernando can generate as much employment as the construction of a military ship in the shipyard of Navantia of the locality.

For that reason it demands that "the noise" on this contract is avoided, that already rose a month ago when the government announced that it would review the contract of sale of pumps of precision to Saudi Arabia.

"It is important for international trade relations, for stability, that contracts that are already signed are respected," he adds.

Patricia Cavada explained that since that first uncertainty, when Saudi Arabia canceled a meeting, the preparatory meetings of this contract have run their course "without tensions" and normally.

Among them those that were held yesterday and today at the shipyard of Navantia de San Fernando, to which a Saudi delegation has gone, to visit the stage on which they are going to build.

"A contract of this magnitude is being prepared with a lot of time," explains the mayor.

Cavada has criticized the "double standard" that Podemos "has in Cádiz and in Madrid" when it comes to supporting this "strategic" contract for employment in the province with the highest unemployment rate in Spain and in a sector that is "the engine". "of the economy of the area.


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