September 22, 2020

The Mayor of New York justifies the police and rejects the curfew

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio came out tonight in defense of the actions of the city’s police in the face of protests over George Floyd’s death with racist overtones that occurred last Monday in Minneapolis, rejecting criticism for an incident in Brooklyn in which two patrol vehicles hit a large group of protesters.

In a video on social networks you can see how a group of about 30 protesters block the way to a police vehicle with fences, throw bottles, garbage bags and other objects at him and, after arrival in support of another car patrol, coils a dozen people, while the second vehicle does the same with slightly less force.

At the moment there is no reliable information on the wounded, although Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said in a message on Twitter that the officers of the vehicles “could have killed them and we do not know how many were injured,” while claiming that officers at command of patrol cars “be brought to justice”, and that the problem is not solved internally.

However, Mayor Bill de Blasio, in an emergency press conference and in an interview on the local chain NY1, justified the police action in the face of an “exceptional situation” and “very tense” in which the agents were surrounded “with violence “by protesters. “The agents had to get out of that situation, they were surrounded,” he argued.

“If those protesters had gone out of their way and had not attempted to surround that vehicle, we would not be talking about this situation,” he insisted, asked about the dangerousness of the police maneuver.

In any case, the mayor acknowledged that this is a “problematic video”, which he wishes the agents had not acted in this way, but he justified them because the situation was increasingly “dangerous” for them.

“I think the New York police have acted correctly, there was a lot of restraint on their part, but if there are cases that are not appropriate, we will act accordingly,” he said.

Asked about the possibility of decreeing a curfew in New York as other cities in the United States such as Los Angeles have done, De Blasio assured that this type of action is usually not very effective and that this is not his plan at the moment, after which asked the citizens to return to their homes to rest.

In addition, unlike other cities, the mayor said he had no record of looting in the city. “Things are already under control,” he said. De Blasio, who is a neighbor of Brooklyn, where the most violent incidents were recorded tonight with burned patrol cars, assured that most of the uncontrolled were not people from the area, and even hinted that many of the violent ones came from outside the city. Big Apple.


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