March 4, 2021

The mayor of Medellín urges cities to act in the face of climate change

The mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutiérrez, urged the cities on Wednesday to "take action" in the face of global challenges such as climate change, considering that important decisions on mitigation can be made from the cities.

This was expressed in the installation of the X World Cities Summit (WCS, for its acronym in English), which brings together in Medellin authorities from more than 70 locations around the world to discuss their challenges and share sustainable and comprehensive solutions.

"We are the cities that have to take the most important actions in the face of the global challenges that the planet has, today the biggest challenge that is climate change," said Gutiérrez.

The mayor said that the summits to discuss climate change are led by the heads of state, although it is in the cities where "situations really occur" that generate the "greatest contamination" with emissions.

"It is the opportunity to commit ourselves to local actions that impact the global," Gutierrez added.

The meeting, organized by the Center for Livable Cities and the Redevelopment Authority of Singapore, will be extended until Friday under the theme "Habitable and sustainable cities: building trust for our people".

The host explained that Medellín is carrying out "real actions" in mitigation with the arrival in 64 days of 64 electric buses to provide the city with the second largest 100% electric bus fleet in Latin America after Santiago de Chile.

One of the objectives that the cities that participate in the WCS and the Forum of Mayors will seek to achieve on issues related to air quality is, according to Gutiérrez, linked to the "construction of trust" in the cities, while prioritizing the issues of sustainability and environmental protection.

The installation of the summit was also led by the Executive Director of the Center for Livable Cities, the Singaporean Khoo Teng Chye, who highlighted the transformation of Medellin and assured that during the three days the delegations "will know first hand" the advances of the city with visits to popular neighborhoods.

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