The mayor of La Laguna, the sixth most paid in Spain - The Province

The mayor of SCristóbal de La Laguna, José Alberto Díaz, is the sixth regidor that has charged the most in Spain with a total of 79,018, 52 euros received in 2017 for its exclusive dedication, according to the list of Salary Information for Administration Posts that has been published this Thursday, October 4, the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function.

José Alberto Díaz occupies this place in the list of the 4,064 municipalities that have provided information on the perceptions received by the mayors between the gross salary and the diets in 2017.

It must be borne in mind that this set should be added the 2,551 mayors who say they do not receive any compensation for their duties, as well as the 1,236 local corporations that have not provided the information to the state agency, among which is the City Council. Barcelona. What it has done is to provide information through its municipal transparency portal, so it is known that the mayor of the city has received 100,000 euros a year. Amount similar to that perceived by the local mayor who charges the most in the country, the mayor of Madrid (102,009.97 euros).

In relation to the Canarian community, he Mayor of Arona of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Julián Mena Pérez, is the next canary regidor that has charged the most, with a final payment of 70,000 euros per year, occupying the 30th place in the national list. Two other mayors of Santa Cruz de Tenerife follow him with the highest rewards: José Manuel Bermúdez, current alderman of the City Council of the capital city of Tenerife, that he has received 68,770.52 for his exclusive dedication (in 34th place at the national level), and the mayor of The Realejos, Manuel Domínguez González, que has obtained 66,555.98 euros in 2017, among the 57,995.98 euros of remuneration and 8,560 euros of other perceptions (ranked 44 at the national level).

The next mayor of the Canary Islands with the highest salary is in the province of Las Palmas and it is that of the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Marco Aurelio Pérez, with a gross salary of 65,621.36 euros (in the 55th position nationwide). Manuel Fajardo Feo, mayor of Arrecife, continues in the insular list with a perception of 64,999.90 euros (in the 60th position nationwide). Finally, in position 84 in the national ranking is the mayor of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Augusto Hidalgo, with a salary of 60,161.30 euros. In six positions less follows the mayor of Telde, Carmen Rosa Hernández, which has received 59,136.82 euros last year.

Of all the Canarian mayors, the three who receive less pay, without exclusive dedication, are: the alderman Would do from the province of Las Palmas, with 250 euros in 2017; the one Fasnia, of the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with 413 euros per year, and that of El Pinar de El Hierro, of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with a total of 642 euros.

The salaries of the rest of Canarian mayors with exclusive dedication have oscillated in 2017 between 55,550.04 euros and 26,453.84 euros.


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