April 15, 2021

The mayor of Ferrol defends that Navantia builds corvettes for Saudi Arabia

The mayor of Ferrol defends that Navantia builds corvettes for Saudi Arabia

The mayor of Ferrol, Jorge Suarez (Ferrol en Común), has defended today that Navantia shipyards build the five corvettes committed to Saudi Arabia, despite criticism from parties like Podemos, who question that military contract with a country accused of not respecting human rights.

"We are Ferrol, not the UN," said the councilman, who has claimed workload for Navantia, after Germany has decided not to approve new military contracts with Saudi Arabia, while the European Union is waiting for the result of the investigation of the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul (Turkey) to make a statement.

The mayor of Ferrol has told a group of journalists that he is in favor of "respect for human rights" and contrary to "any violation that any regime produces", but pointed out that the UN is "the body where it must be solved by way of diplomatic "those issues.

Suarez has indicated that Ferrol has chosen to be "on the side of the committee of Navantia defending the posts and workload" of the shipyards, which foresee to build, along with those of San Fernando, in Cadiz, the five corvettes ordered by Saudi Arabia , which reaches 1,800 million euros and represents the largest in the history of Spanish public shipyards with a foreign client.

The councilor has highlighted the "expectations generated" by that Arab contract after "the vacuum of more than fifteen years for lack of momentum" to the shipyards, and has alluded to the need to "turn around" a policy of "intentional dismantling "of public plants in previous years.

The City Council will be "always on the side of the workers, we have neither the competence nor the authority to resolve those conflicts," said the mayor, who has criticized that there is "a lot of false democracy at the international level" when considering that "violations occur. daily and the international community is not so quick to condemn. "

In this regard, he has alluded to the attacks launched by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, against "freedom of the press."


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