February 27, 2021

The mayor of Bogotá says that FARC dissidents infiltrated the demonstrations

The mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, said Wednesday that FARC disagreements infiltrated the protests of January 21 against the Colombian government through money, so there are six captured people who are under the orders of a judge.

“It is not about people who were upset one day and went out to vandalism, but are infiltrated, paid by illegal armed groups,” said the mayor who said that the police and the prosecution conducted an “impeccable” investigation of the case.

According to López, of the Green Alliance party, the six agitators now arrested “were recruited by illegal or residual armed groups of the extinct FARC.”

Despite the signing of the Colombian Government’s peace agreement with the FARC, in November 2016, hundreds of guerrillas opted to continue to raise their weapons or resumed taking them grouped into different dissident groups that operate mainly in the south of the country.

On January 21, students, workers, indigenous people and social movement activists took to the streets of Bogotá and other cities in the country to protest against the murder of social leaders, abuses of the public force and the economic and social policy of the Colombian president Ivan Duke

That protest day, the first of the year after the mass demonstrations of November and December, was convened by the National Committee of Paro under the motto “defense of life.”

López, who as a policy has been characterized by denouncing and combating corruption, also said that the authorities investigate, in another case, if there are guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN) “doing vandalism and violence, taking advantage of legitimate social marches” .

The mayor reaffirmed that Bogotá “is the epicenter of peace and reconciliation in Colombia”, which recognizes the causes that motivate social protests and that those who participate in them will have guarantees, which does not prevent them from denouncing the infiltration of vandals in the manifestations

Lopez insisted that the administration’s protocols for action will continue to be used to guarantee protest and social mobilization that, he said, “saved lives, prevented deaths and reduced confrontation between protesters and the Police” in the demonstrations on January 21 .


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