September 19, 2020

The mayor of Argentona resigns after acknowledging a case of abuse of a friend

The mayor of Argentona, Eudald Calvo, has resigned from his post after publicly acknowledging yesterday that a few years ago he sexually abused a young woman who was friends with his then-sentimental partner, which the woman had reported on Twitter through an anonymous account .

As reported by Wednesday Unitat – Argentona per la República, at a meeting held last night extraordinarily Eudald Calvo made his position available to the assembly of this candidacy, which accepted his resignation.

In a statement, this candidacy informs that Calvo explained to the assembly his version of what happened, acknowledged “the macho acts of which he was accused” and apologized publicly, although according to him some media would have misrepresented what happened.

Unitat – Argentona per la República has thanked Calvo’s decision to resign “in a manner consistent with the ideology of the party” and recognizes him “all the work he has done, both in the past legislature and in this one, as well as generosity and coherence of this act. “

The municipal candidacy concludes the communiqué warning that “it will take the pertinent legal actions against the defamations that have taken place or can take place in this regard”.

The CUP expelled the mayor of Argentona from this formation several months ago after knowing these facts and then refusing Calvo to assume responsibilities resigning from office, as reported by the anti-capitalist formation yesterday.

Finally yesterday in a message on Twitter, Calvo, who had occupied the mayor’s office of Argentona since 2015 and that in the 2019 elections concurred in a unitary candidacy of which ERC was also part, publicly requested “sincere and honest” apologies and assured that “It’s time to reflect a lot and work to change.”


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