The mayor of Algeciras criticizes the "silence" on the 'Open Arms'

Algeciras (Cádiz), Dec 23 (EFE) .- The mayor of Algeciras, José Ignacio Landaluce (PP), lamented "the silence that the Government of Pedro Sánchez has been maintaining" on arrival in the area, scheduled for the next day 28, of the ship "Open Arms", which transports 310 immigrants of sub-Saharan origin.

In a statement, the mayor has ensured that "the only information" with which the City Council comes "directly" from the non-governmental organization, with which it remains in "permanent contact."

He has considered "deplorable" the attitude of the Government, which "not only ignores the representatives of the Algeciras, who neither inform about decisions that affect the whole of the citizenship", but also, "within their erratic immigration policy , does not attend to the requests of the NGO to call at a nearby port "for humanitarian reasons.

"We also do not know in which port facilities the ship will dock, if in those of Algeciras or those of Crinavis, in San Roque," adds the alderman.

"The first thing is to guarantee the integrity and safety of those rescued," he clarified, but that "does not mean that once again we can say that Algeciras can not be the only port of entry for immigrants arriving in Spain."

"Especially, when after the migration crisis occurred last summer, the Socialists have not responded to the municipal requests for aid" for the devices that were put in place during the months of July and August, and that entailed an important economic cost .

Landaluce has denounced that "they also do not serve the social entities that work with immigrants," to which "they continue to turn their backs, especially those of a religious nature, which have seen the public aid they received to deal with this important work have been diminished. ", has underlined.


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