The Mayor of A Corua: "The health of the players and of the entire city has been put at risk" - La Provincia

The mayor of A Coruña, Inés Rey (A Coruña, 1982), has notified the Fuenlabrada case to the Prosecutor's Office, convinced that "negligence" was incurred with the Madrid team's trip to the city last Monday. He denounces that the economic damage caused by this situation "is evident" and promises not to waste time listening to accusations.

Why have you decided to take the case to the Prosecutor's Office?

What we were looking for in the beginning, Monday, were explanations for a situation that we did not understand. We did not know what had happened and, logically, the City Council asked for explanations from the responsible agencies. Once we talked to them and found that the explanations were not satisfactory and we understand that some type of liability may have been incurred, given the health situation we have, and we decided to bring it to the attention of the Office of the Prosecutor so that liability is cleared if there are any , whether criminal or if it could be an administrative irregularity.

Did the Fuenlabrada trip pose a health risk for the city?

That is evident. I believe there has been negligence, faulty or willful, but negligence because once it is known that there are four positives on Saturday, hours before the team travels, it is not brought to the attention of the competent health authority, which would be the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid. The rest of the team is allowed to travel when they had contact with these positives, in breach of health protocols, and there is a delay in communicating the positives once they are known in A Coruña. We understand that negligent action may have occurred that could have caused many more infections and put the population at risk.

Will it be enough to open proceedings?

That is a question that the Prosecutor's Office must assess. Logically, when we present the writing we understand that it does. We understand that there may be rational indications that some form of negligence has been committed.

You have the support of the opposition, will you promote an institutional declaration in this regard?

No. We are working on the health issue. What we have done so far has been to try to clarify what happened and, finally, we have filed these allegations with the Prosecutor's Office asking that the facts be investigated and that the clarification of responsibilities, if any, be clarified. I am very grateful for the support of all the parties of the Corporation, without exception, which in this case are with me, which is nothing other than being next to the city. I also appreciate the support of all people from A Coruña.

Five days ago, the existence of positives in Fuenlabrada was known, what has been the impact in the city?

We were in a positive, controlled health situation, gradually recovering health, but also economic and social normality. Obviously, this has caused economic damage. Not only for the hotel, but it can have more impact. All this is the result of irresponsibility, which was to travel to A Coruña knowing that there were positives and that they should be isolated.

Do you maintain coordination with the Xunta?

We contacted from the first moment with the Department of Sanidade. I have spoken with the Minister and we have made ourselves available to each other, how could it be otherwise. In a situation like this, we have a common goal which is to protect the health of citizens. In that we will always be hand in hand. I appreciate the attitude and position of the President of the Xunta, who came out to speak and supports the argument that I have been holding since Monday.

What do you think that to minimize the risk of the Fuenlabrada trip, the reception of the Deportivo fans in Riazor is criticized?

Here are people who are trying to divert attention from what is important, attacking fans. It is true that there were many people, but they were all wearing a mask. In any case, an attempt is made to divert attention by focusing criticism on fans and even attacking me, directly and personally, by different sectors. It will not distract me for half a minute from what I have to do as mayor and health authority that I am, which is to defend the health of the people of A Coruña and ensure it. In a situation like this, I am not going to do anything else. Any other attempt to distort the debate, to try to put the focus elsewhere, are distraction maneuvers by someone who has not yet given plausible explanations for what has happened. They are attacking me when all I am doing is fulfilling my obligation. I have said that there have been irresponsible attitudes and I believe that the facts are proving me right. I asked for some explanations that I think have to be given. The only thing I do is defend the city, the people of A Coruña and denounce a fact that seems very serious to me, which is that the health of the players themselves, whom I wish a speedy recovery, and that of a whole city. To brand a mayor who defends her city as unfair seems to me to be completely out of place.


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