The maximum temperature record belongs to La Rambla with 47.6 degrees

A man cools off in the fountain in the courtyard of the orange trees of the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. / EFE

The Aemet certifies this brand from the Cordoba town, which was registered on August 14 last year in another heat wave and which could not be validated until now

Daniel Roldan

During this summer without respite, where one heat wave is hooked with another, with suffocating days and unbearable nights, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) recalled this Tuesday that the worst happened last year. That almost a year ago, the record for the highest temperature recorded in Spain was broken. And not once, but twice, on the same day and in the province of Córdoba. Only a distance of about 75 kilometers. The record was for Montoro with 47.4 degrees; now, it is relegated to second place by the 47.6 degrees of La Rambla with 47.6 degrees. Both marks were produced on August 14, 2021 and it is not ruled out that it will be exceeded during this summer.

The Aemet explained that, that day and in another heat wave, in many of its stations temperature records were broken. It was a 'festival'. At 5:10 p.m., the Montoro unit had reached 47.4 degrees and became the hottest place in the country. What the meteorologists did not know is that 22 minutes earlier, south of this town, a station had reached 47.6 degrees. But this fact went unnoticed. Why? The station stopped transmitting the data. "Fortunately our technicians managed to recover them," explained the Aemet on their social networks.

«After a thorough analysis of the information obtained and a rigorous validation process, we are in a position to affirm that the record for the highest temperature measured in Spain corresponds to 47.6 ºC at La Rambla (Córdoba), recorded on August 14 of 2021," the agency said. The Montoreños will have to make do with the other two podium positions, since the mark they set on August 14 last year was also theirs: the thermometer rose to 47.2 degrees on July 13, 2017. We will have to wait if this year Montoro regains his throne or La Rambla maintains its blistering record.

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