June 24, 2021

The Maternal and Child of the Canary Islands pleases the children’s stay with vinyl and new furniture – La Provincia

The Maternal and Child University Hospital of the Canary Islands, dependent on Insular-Maternal Infant University Hospital Complex, has today some original vinyl in the Pediatric Surgery and Infectious Diseases units, in order to create a more pleasant space for children. The strategy is part of the Humanization Plan of the Hospital Center and it has been possible thanks to the work of Little Brave, in collaboration with the companies Moma Advertising Services, Logistics Marrero and the Allende Restaurant Chain. To this we must add the improvements that have been made in the dining room and in the games room, which have new furniture and televisions.

“We have decided to improve the Unit and give it a warmer look. After this, we will try to reform other units,” said José Jerez, president of the Association of Children with this morning. Cancer Little Brave Then add that “when we have children affected by these diseases, what we want is for children and adolescents to be as good as possible as long as they have to be admitted.”

For its part, the deputy medical director of the hospital in the capital, Sira Alonso-Graña, assessed this action as “very positive” in order to contribute to the well-being of children. “Thanks to the partner companies we have been able to place all the vinyl and the children can play with the drawings in a totally different space,” he added.


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