The match between Valencia and Getafe of the Copa del Rey was transformed into a tangana towards the end of the match

The match between Valencia and Getafe of the Copa del Rey was transformed into a tangana towards the end of the match

The return leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey Valencia-Getafe, where the locals traced the match thanks to two goals from Rodrigo Moreno in the time of extension, ended with the worst script possible. The players of both sets engaged in a sultry tangana in which members of the coaching staff of both groups also participated.

With a tie to two in the final count of the tie, which at that time gave the pass to Getafe, Rodrigo managed the goal that gave Valencia the ticket to the semifinals in the 93rd minute. The turf was soon filled with Valencian players who they exchanged more than looks with the men of Bordalás, who brushed the Copa semifinals. After the end, Rodrigo repeated several times, touching his face, the gesture of weeping. With that, everything began.

Thrusts, insults, punches and threats starred in the end of a clash that came warm by the statements that had been thrown both sets. «The Getafe demands and plays to the limit of the regulation», Said Valencia coach Marcelino at the press conference prior to the first leg match. «We are intense, we are not going to change because some cry», Responded the defender of the blue team, Vitorino Antunes.

The encounter ended with a brawl that many considered more than predictable because of the behavior shown by both teams the previous days. "I consider it an absolute injustice to be considered guilty or with part of the blame for what happened today," said Marcellin to the Self.

After the final whistle broke a storm that caught by surprise to the referee Estrada Fernández, who did not give enough to collect everything that was happening on the grass of Mestalla.

Already in the locker room and with the calmer spirits, or so it was supposed, the Catalan committee member had time to reflect everything in an act in which four names stand out above the rest: Bruno, Damián Suárez, Jaime Mata and the Valencian Diakhaby. «Once the game was over he entered the field of play facing the No. 4 of Getafe CF D. Bruno González Cabrera, while he grabbed him by the neck and hit him. He had to be separated by several players, being subsequently expelled", said Estrada Fernández referring to the Valencian defender Diakhaby.

Precisely was the arbitration of what else complained about Getafe that saw how they expelled their center, Djené. "They have scored three goals and if it is true that I do not usually talk about the referees, but I did not like arbitration, It has been a little homemade», Said José Bordalás, Getafe technician. "With one less, going to the attack was complicated. At the minimum faltita was for them. The yellow that I have gotten I still do not know why, "said blunt forward Jorge Molina at beIN Sports, who said that every time they face Valencia" they spend the week before crying "and that" works ".

Some statements that did not like the former Barça player and now a commentator on Mexican television, Marc Crosas, that did not hesitate to answer on Twitter. "It's very regrettable that your captain expressed himself like that, when he had the action of 2-2 ONLY in the 95th minute, and your team did not want to play losing time all the second time," he wrote on the social network.

The message did not go unanswered. Jorge Molina himself defended himself: "It's much easier to talk about the 95 minute sitting on the sofa, right? To me it seems unfortunate that having been a footballer make those comments to earn a `I like you 'and some more followers». Not only did the striker go through what was written by Crosas. His partner Iván Alejo published and later erased: "Worry about your things, that you live on your statements and have not given a pass to two meters in your life," wrote the former Eibar about the war of Valencia-Getafe.


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