The masks are sold out in pharmacies where demand rises by 8,000%

The demand for masks by the coronavirus has increased by 8,000 percent in Spanish pharmacies, where this product is depleted, according to the president of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Distributors (Fedifar), Eladio González Miñor, who has warned that the alarm is unfounded .

The president of Fedifar has confirmed to Efe that in pharmacies there are neither masks nor disinfectant gels and has warned that some products sold online, where prices have skyrocketed, are not reliable and can be negative for health.

“The demand for masks has increased by 8,000 percent, 80,000 units are demanded daily through pharmacies. The alarm is unfounded and the masks are not necessary,” he said.

González Miñor has called for tranquility about the coronavirus and has pointed out that the effects of the common flu are more lethal than those of COVID-19 and to prove it he has compared data on the coronavirus in China with the latest influenza epidemic in Spain.

“China, with 1,500 million inhabitants, has 80,000 cases of coronavirus and 2,800 deaths associated with the coronavirus, the majority of patients at risk; in Spain, with 47 million inhabitants, in the last flu epidemic there were 490,000 cases diagnosed, 2,500 admissions in ICU and 6,300 associated deaths. The coronavirus is light years away from what usually happens each year with the flu, “he said.

As for the lack of disinfectant gels, the president of FEDIFAR has indicated that they can be replenished soon, since while the masks come mostly from outside, the gels are nationally manufactured.

“In a month all the gels that are normally requested in a whole year have been requested, but in this case they will soon be available in pharmacies.”

He has also ensured that the prices of these products have not skyrocketed in pharmacies, but where they have skyrocketed, multiplying by 10, it has been in internet sales.

González Miñor believes that when it is not possible to verify who the manufacturer is or the sanitary characteristics of a product that is sold online, “it is not reliable”, and in the case of masks, the effects can be negative for health.


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