The martyrdom of champions

A moment from the match between Scantravel Agüimes and Cisneros Alter, in the Canary Islands championship. / JAVI AGACHE

The clubs that win in the Canary Islands and represent the islands in the national tournament are forced to assume high costs in order to participate

Florid Gaumet

FLOWERY GAUMET The Gran Canarian palms

The base of
indoor football from the province of Las Palmas is in luck this year.
five of his teams have been made with the title of
canary champions, which gives them the right to represent the islands in all categories, from juniors to juniors, in the
Spain Championship. On paper, victory would be cause for celebration, but in practice it becomes a

It is the martyrdom of champions, the
'find your life' of the clubs and the families of the children, who are forced to pay all the expenses to participate in a tournament that promotes and champions the
Real spanish soccer federation, despite the fact that he hardly puts any of his funds to relieve them of such a heavy burden.

And it is that
It's not exactly cheap. Transportation, accommodation and meals are added to the price of the flight tickets. There are families who are forced to borrow money. The preliminary phase of the championship is this weekend in various venues in Spain. The youngest fly to Malaga, the alevines and infantiles, to Toledo, the cadets, to Barcelona, ​​and the juveniles, who are already in the final phase, to Vigo.

"A madness" to finance travel

Santiago Fuentes, manager of the
Scantravel Agüimes, that this year chooses with two of his teams, describes as "madness" the battle to get some help that cheapens a budget that, for the most part, is assumed by families.

The Scantravel Agüimes cadets will compete this weekend in Barcelona. /


«This catches you at the end of the season, with the
exhausted budget; what's more, it is an extra that initially you do not contemplate, hence we see ourselves without resources to face it, "he explains. That is why he has had no choice but to move and knock on many doors, most without success.

“We have juggled but in the end it is the parents who are going to pay most of the cost, plus a small spill that two directors have contributed ». Discounting that help, it comes out to 250 euros per child for children and 380 for cadets.

A reward for the effort of a whole season

«It has been a mess, but, of course, it is a pity that in the end, for economic reasons, the children are left without competing when the truth is that getting here, until the Spanish championship,
it's just a reward to the effort of a whole season. Hence, as Fuentes points out, they do everything possible and the impossible to fulfill the dream they have earned on the field.

He tried it first with the City Council, but the help he already gives them is for grassroots sports, not to go to competitions, and now he was waiting for a response from the Cabildo.

Moment in which the Bugedo fry celebrate the Canary Islands championship with their fans. /

Javi Agache

Francis Sabine, president of
CFS Bugedo, from the capital of Gran Canaria and who won with the fry, estimates the cost of his expedition at 4,600 euros, which is what he gets to move 15 children and 3 monitors. The club will be able to pay for the flights, but the families assume accommodation and stay.

Feeling of discrimination regarding football

It is
a cheap stick for which, as he complains, they barely receive public aid. The only one he knows, and to which he will resort, is one that the Government of the Canary Islands gives for travel. "We will present it, but it does not cover you beyond 40 or 50% and it takes time to arrive."

He criticizes that the Spanish federation gives an aid of only 640 euros per day and only to the clubs that go to the final phase. «And the previous ones? Don't we also have to move and at a very high cost, as happens to us canaries?». He is outraged to think that the former president of the Inter-Island Football Federation of Las Palmas,
Anthony Suarez, He was a director of the national company "and it was never noticed." He is clear about what the problem is:
“They discriminate against us regarding football.”

With little margin to search for flights

to these obstacles
Xavi Aunon, president and coach of
Costa Mogan, who will go to Malaga with the fry, adds another: the last-minute election of the venues. «You see yourself with just 15 days to find a flight and accommodation; with so little margin, everything becomes more expensive for us».

Benjamin team that travels this weekend to Malaga. /


He insists, the federation does not take into account that everything costs much more for the Canarian teams. Auñón has been lucky and has managed to get the
commercial houses they finance the expedition, but he recognizes that it should not be like that, that they feel that winning is a punishment.

The new president promises to “change things”

From the inter-island federation, its new president,
Jose Juan Arencibia With just a few days in office, he assures that he arrives with the purpose of "changing things." Not in vain, she points out that in the short time she has been there she has already met the demands for help that the clubs that have asked her for have requested.

“We are going to pay for the transportation from the airports to the venues for Costa Mogán and Gáldar;
if it is true that they did not feel well treated, we are going to change that ». And he agrees to fight in Madrid so that the Canarian teams, along with others from extrapeninsular territories, receive some type of compensation.

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