The markets of Latin America follow the trail of Wall Street and close to the rise

Latin American stock markets, for the most part, opted today for purchases just like Wall Street, where the Industrial Dow Jones shot up 2.50% after the president of the US Federal Reserve (Fed). UU., Jerome Powell, said that interest rates are close to the neutral level.

Thus, the New York reference indicator reached 25,366.43 points, while the selective S & P 500 advanced 2.30% to 2,743.78 units and the composite index of the Nasdaq market, progressed 2.95% to 7,291.59 integers .

The investor mood improved decidedly following Powell's statement in the Economic Club of New York, which was interpreted as the central bank has softened its approach to monetary policy.

The head of the Fed said that interest rates in the US they remain at historic lows, just below the range "that would be considered neutral for the economy, that is, it does not accelerate or slow growth", and he was optimistic but cautious about the health of the economy.

In the Old Continent, there were setbacks in Milan and London (-0.18% each), as well as in Frankfurt (-0.09%), while Madrid rose (0.19%) and Paris closed without percentage changes.

Latin American markets, for the most part, followed the example of Wall Street, including that of Sao Paulo, the main one in the region, where the Ibovespa grew 1.55% and ended at 89,250 points, after operations for 16.271 billion reais ( about 4,234 million dollars).

However, the best result was in Mexico, whose IPC jumped 2.97% and climbed to 40,989.48 units. Titles were exchanged for 20,120 million Mexican pesos (994 million dollars).

In the corro of Buenos Aires, the Merval increased 0.70% to 31,138.66 integers. The turnover totaled 767.42 million Argentine pesos (19.96 million dollars).

Minor, of 0.13%, was the appreciation of the Colombian Colcap, which closed at 1,385.13 points. The investments totaled 128,400 million Colombian pesos (38.3 million dollars)

Much better went to the S & P / BVL Peru General index of the Lima stock exchange, which gained 1.10% and ended at 19,207.40 points. Transactions were made for 40,673,301 soles (12,028,183 dollars).

The Bvmbg Global Bonds index of Montevideo rebounded 1.07% and reached 103.03 whole. Papers changed for 26,939,025 Uruguayan pesos (828,304 dollars).

The only exception was presented in the parquet of Santiago, with a contraction of 0.31% that left the IPSA in 5,112.13 points. The amount of shares sold was 120,829,832,095 Chilean pesos (178.74 million dollars).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO +1.55% 89,250

MEXICO +2.97% 40,989.48

BUENOS AIRES +0.70% 31,138.66

SANTIAGO -0.31% 5,112.13

COLOMBIA +0.13% 1.385,13

LIMA +1.10% 19,207.40

MONTEVIDEO +1.07% 103.03


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