The market of Latin America closes in green a session of divided spirits

The market of Latin America closes in green a session of divided spirits

The stock exchanges of Latin America ended on Monday with strong gains a session of divided spirits after knowing discouraging data of the perspective of growth of the Mexican economy and the Chilean CPI, but with positivism for Brazil.

Investors were hesitant due to a series of economic data from some of the main regional markets such as Mexico and Chile, although these finally failed to weigh down the results.

On the one hand, BBVA Bancomer downgraded on Monday the prospect of economic growth expected this year for Mexico from 2% of GDP to 1.4% due to the "weakening" of Mexican exports.

While in Chile it was known that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) registered an increase of 0.5 last March, above the forecasts of the market and the experts.

Brazil led the regional gains in chaining its third rise thanks, in part, to the favorable climate in Congress so that the Government can take forward the pension and retirement reforms.

On the other hand, Wall Street, its main reference, remains in suspense for the publication of key corporate data this week and ended mixed once the Dow Jones fell 0.32% to 26,341.02 integers.

The selective S & P 500 rose 0.10% and reached 2,895.77 units and the Nasdaq composite index, which brings together the main technology market, earned 0.19% and dismissed the day at 7,953.88 points.

Thus things in the economic plane, the stock market of Sao Paulo advanced a 0,27% and its Ibovespa index stood at 97,369 points at the end of a day in which they were negotiated 11,972 million reals (about 3,110 million dollars) .

The main indicator of the Mexican Stock Exchange, the Price and Quotation Index, added 0.99% and ended at 45,436.28 whole, after movements for 17.005 million Mexican pesos (about 896.8 million dollars).

The S & P Merval index of the Buenos Aires corro increased 1.27% to 33,080.87 units, after making operations for 594.2 million Argentine pesos (13.3 million dollars).

The wheel of Santiago had a marginal advance of 0.38% in its main index, the IPSA, which ended at 5,274.72 points with an amount of shares that totaled 135,773,745,832 Chilean pesos (about 204.47 million dollars).

The Colombian parquet increased by 1.03% in its capitalization index (Colcap), which ended in 1,616.35 units, after movements 160,356 million Colombian pesos (about 49.7 million dollars).

The S & P / BVL Peru General Index closed at 21,436.43 whole, after recording a rise of 0.32%, in a session in which 26,037,351 soles (about 7,896,088 dollars) were negotiated.

The corro of Montevideo rose 0.02% in its Global Bonds index, which stood at 112.33 units after a sale of 63,606,559 Uruguayan pesos (about 1,884,359 dollars).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO +0.27% 97.369

MEXICO +0.99% 45,436.28

BUENOS AIRES +1.27% 33,080.87

SANTIAGO +0.38% 5.274,72

COLOMBIA +1.03% 1,616.35

LIMA +0.32% 21,436.43

MONTEVIDEO +0.02% 112.33


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