February 25, 2021

The March 2021 Fallas will be held in virtual format

Cremá de la falla of the Fallas Artists Guild.

Cremá de la falla of the Fallas Artists Guild.

Like Venice with its carnival, the Faults They will have their virtual version during the big days of March. They will, therefore, be an attempt to make the party move in the global village during the days of March to, in this way, both to spread the brand “Fallas” throughout the world and to alleviate melancholy that, without a doubt, Fallas citizenship will suffer.

As much as the hand is raised in the restrictions on March 1, you can do practically nothing. There is not much other way around than to endure better times, call it July or September, to plant, burn and do some activity. And March will therefore have its depression point, which will be about medicating based on connections.

“Much work is being done to make virtual Fallas, online, which will have a program of activities that goes from Crida to” Cremà “” assured the president of the Fallera Central Board, Carlos Galiana. It will also include a kit of elements that they will receive for the honor roll and the participation of the falleros will be sought. “For example, that an element that identifies us, such as the blouse or the fleece, is hung on each balcony or portal to show that a fallero lives there. It is to make us notice.” It is, in a way, to systematize what the popular initiative generated a year ago, almost in a glance and not seen, with offerings at home, fallas planted with cutouts or music from the balcony.

Forecasts for the end of 2020 were encouraging. It was counted on being able to do some restricted act, including burning the Meditator. But the drift of the third wave has disrupted any option on the actual dates, placing itself under the conditions that exist in the second semester.

On the other hand, there is a loophole for the Valencian and Valencian costumes to come out onto the street: the Mass at San José, since these are acts for which you simply have to attend within limited capacity. This is happening, for example, in the parish of Ángel Custodio, where the commissions of the contour are attending one by one on Sunday and on the 19th they will go to a joint act on the 19th. Carlos Galiana assured that the details will be known from Thursday, when he will meet with the archdiocese “because the masses are organized by the church.“. The same thing happens with this as with any option of making not an offering, but the delivery of flowers during the month.

Faced with the possibility of doing something on the street, Galiana recalled that “everyone will want to be present. All we are going to do is online. “The mayor does not want to generate or encourage any event that could generate a sour debate again.

The fallero exercise, in this way, will end on March 19, starting at elections presidents, which will last until April 30.

Predictably, the theater competition has been canceled. The earliest horizon would have been in April, which would practically overlap with that of 2022. But the third category will be awarded, which was completed before the curfew made it impossible to hold the rest of the performances. These prizes, together with the declamation, the literary and the new audiovisual contests, will be a small version of the Culture Gala.

With a “Long live the Fallas”, his own version of “God bless America”, Galiana closed the plenary sessions of the rarest exercise in the history of the Fallas. But the activity will continue to develop to try to save, at least, the spirit.


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