The Marbella of the 80s inspires yet another series: 'Los Farad'

Of course, the Marbella of the 80s, the one with the tinsel and the hidden shadows behind the glitter, is more fashionable than ever. If yesterday we were talking about the production of the British series A town called malice, about the English gangsters who retired in the Costa del Sol in that decade, he had decided to record in Tenerife due to its greater tax incentives, now Amazon Prime Video just announced that Mariano Barroso Y Alejandro Hernandez they prepare The Farad, series with which we will travel "to the world of arms trafficking in the eighties Marbella".

Hernández and Barroso describe Los Farad (provisional title) as "a very ambitious series centered on a young man who finds his place in the world in a family of traffickers from Marbella in the eighties", and they clarify that the real events in which he They inspire serve to "investigate universal human dramas." But there is no doubt that one of the great attractions of the product, which will consist of eight episodes, will be its setting and its setting, that eighties Marbella of parties and goings-on, of gossip magazines and pages of events, pink and black, "tanned and tinsel." Hernández and Barroso summarize it well: "Everything was possible there. "

The also president of the Film Academy has underlined the great effort made to reproduce that Marbella world and has pointed out that arms trafficking is "an excuse" to talk about "family conflicts that affect us." For Hernández, the most interesting thing has been been "use fiction to go through a very juicy period in the history of Spain, the one of the Cold War ".

Criminal gangs

But there are more projects still on the bill about criminal Marbella: a few months ago a still untitled series commanded by Dani de la Torre Y Alberto marini for Movistar +, a new original fiction series that will approach the intricate network of criminal gangs that operate on the Costa del Sol (this time not in the eighties but today). "A complex network in which multiple nationalities, traditional and cyber crimes, old school bosses, young people who impose new norms, and the global pandemic, which has changed everything, are mixed," the platform advances. The creators of the series La Unidad, Marini, in the scripts, and De la Torre, in the direction, are preparing the production, which will begin in 2022. "We have always been attracted to the idea of ​​recounting unknown realities of our country. The world of crime on the Marbella coast is something surprising and has never been made into fiction, "said De la Torre.

Let's hope that both Los Farad and the Marini and De la Torre project will film each other, not like A town called malice, a criminal thriller defined as "if Dallas and Pulp Fiction beget a child to the rhythm of Duran Duran, a journey to the world of the Costa del Sol in all its pomp ". The series follows the Lord, a disgraced London crime family that reinvents itself in Marbella after the youngest son had to flee after committing a murder.

But when it opens in 2023, do not expect to see Malaga landscapes because it will be recorded from the end of January in the Canary Islands (specifically in Tenerife), whose authorities have been betting heavily for years on tax incentives to attract filming: incentives for international projects that Guaranteed by the Andalucía Film Commission are between 25 and 30% (general incentive of 30% in the first million euros and 25% for the rest of the expenditure made in Spain) and those in the Canary Islands, between 45 and 50%.


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