The manager of Magrudis and his son, transferred to "module of respect" of the prison

The manager of Magrudis, José Antonio Marín, and his eldest son, Sandro, have entered this afternoon in a “module of respect” of the Sevilla I prison, where they will remain, predictably, throughout the instructional process that continues against them for the listeriosis outbreak allegedly caused by his company.

Penitentiary sources have reported that the two have entered a module "in which they are inmates of ordinary regime of low danger, which adhere to the strictest rules of conduct."

In the case of inmates serving sentences, it is the module in which they enter as a previous step to the third prison degree.

The two entered shortly before 8:30 p.m. yesterday in Seville I jail, sent by the judge of Instruction number 10 of Seville, Pilar Ordonez, for alleged crimes against public health, three homicides due to serious imprudence, two abortions and injuries.

Until today afternoon they have been in the income module, waiting to be seen by the educator and the prison social worker, after having passed a medical examination.

The instructor, like the Prosecutor's Office and the Facua consumer association, blames José Antonio Marín and Sandro José Marín Rodríguez for a crime against public health in an ideal contest with three homicides due to imprudence, two crimes of injuries to the fetus resulting in abortion and various crimes of serious negligence injuries.

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