October 28, 2020

The management of hatred – The Province

Simón Bolívar today has statues or commemorative plaques in several cities in Spain, including Teror. In an interview, Professor Pablo Victoria points out: “That the Spanish dedicate statues to a genocide of their people, the architect of a clear antecedent to the Jewish holocaust, leaves me truly surprised.” After studying Bolívar’s letters and documents: “in my research I show that he aspired to establish a dictatorship in the American territories. What’s more: he wanted, with the support of England and some of the American provinces, to be crowned emperor of the continent ”. And to prove once again that history is not a science, today Karl Marx and Simón Bolívar come out of the mouths of their Bolivarian followers (Venezuelans and Spaniards) with the same admiration.

The laws of Memory fall especially in the hands of zurupetos sinsorgos knobs, by their very nature


However, one of the works of the young Marx, in 1858, was an entry for the New American Cyclopaedia, on Simón Bolívar, who died twenty-eight years earlier, and who says that he was a coward fleeing from Ocumare to Bonaire, leaving his troops abandoned. Later he treats him as sarcastic and mean. Historical truths about men are changeable, that is, they are relative truths, certainly not of propositional and first-order logic. The Law of Historical Memory and the, now later, Law of Democratic Memory, are oxymoronic laws, generated by a part of the electorate that occupies the governmental moment. They are laws stemming from a more general phenomenon called historical revisionism. History is not a science, since the historical material is not reproducible in the laboratory and, in addition, it arrives flawed, without the possibility of contrast, except by approaching documents or remains from which conjectures are made and the reconstruction is shown more plausible, but never the truth, because it lacks verifiable testimonies, lost in the flow of time.

Today Marx and Bolívar come out of the mouths of their Bolivarian followers with the same admiration


Assuming that Franco was not funny, those who today oppose the benefits of Largo Caballero, Indalecio Prieto, Juan Negrín or Luis Companys (who caused thousands of murders while they were in power), argue under historical truths that have mutated in the democratic period Spanish, as well as they were twisted in favor of the previous regime by those who ruled under Franco. If we move to opposing sides, it is instructive to read the philosopher Giorgio Agamben reporting on the origin of the photos of those massacred by the communist dictator Caucescu in Timisoara before being shot. The philosopher Agamben writes: “For the first time in the history of mankind, corpses that had been buried a short time ago or that were still on the tables of the morgues were hastily unearthed and mutilated to simulate before the television cameras the destined genocide to legitimize a new regime. What the whole world had before its eyes as the real reality on television screens, was the absolute anti-truth and, although the falsification was sometimes evident, it was nevertheless authenticated as real by the world media system ”. Countless photos of genocide attributed to the Serbs have subsequently been discovered to have been produced by Albanian opponents, and we would never end, even in contemporaneity, as it involves methods of disinformation, fabrication of falsehoods, terrorism of outrage and provocation to the outbreak of war. Today there are techniques to propose the counterfactual history, that is, the reconstructed history in the event that no one triggering event had occurred. This type of technique is used in the proposals for the establishment of Memory via legislation, only instead of asking “what would have happened if …?”, It is assumed that everything would have been better if …, always alluding to a alleged legitimacy that, previously, had been violated.

There are currents of historical revisionism not only in Spain, but in Argentina, in France, in the United States, in Mexico, in Russia, in Germany … but when they go from historiography to the penal code, history is not even being made, but by applying a pseudo-evidentiary law. If history in itself is not science, in this case freedom of expression and thought is prevented, the most horrible thing that can be done about a democratic human being: order his memory through laws. The following account is attributed to an Arab tale: two friends fought, and at the end of the fight, one of them wrote on the sand “my friend hit me”; They continued and came to a lake where they bathed and then the one who had been attacked began to drown and was saved by the other friend. Then the bran wrote again with a stiletto on a stone “my friend saved my life”. The savior asked him why at first he wrote it on the sand and now on the stone, and the first attacked and then saved answered: “When a friend offends us, we must write it in the sand, where the wind of forgetfulness and forgiveness He will be in charge of erasing it, but when something great happens to us we must engrave it on the stone of memory and heart, where no wind in the whole world can erase it ”. Well that, leaving offenses at the mercy of the wind of oblivion is socially healthy, and the opposite is socially pathological.

The laws of Memory are management instruments of hatred, and pathological for a part of the population. They fall especially into the hands of goatee, zurupetos and sinsorgos, by their own nature. In a historical moment in which a Pope like Bergoglio urges not to forget in his pamphlet “Fratelli Tutti”, the times that lie in wait will be pathological, the anger aroused will spread secularly, destroying symbols such as Columbus, Fray Junípero or David Hume, separating them from the collective memory of hatred, in perfect communion with the destroyers of the Buddhas of Bamiyan, the Timbuktu Gate, the Arch of Palmyra, the statues of Nineveh … and now the Valley of the Fallen. That anger will show itself to us in its full nature, like hatred, irrational. And the irrational is not just but unbalancing, like earthquakes and catastrophes. There is no choice but to endure them and wait for them to pass. But they pass, and the chotis said: “They will not pass … well, we have already passed.”


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