July 30, 2021

The management associations of Aquarius call for citizen mobilization

The management associations of Aquarius call for citizen mobilization

SOS Mediterranean and Doctors Without Borders today called on citizens to participate in the demonstrations held this Saturday in Brussels, Palermo, Berlin and a score of cities in France to demand that European countries establish a model of maritime rescue.

The organizations that manage the rescue boat Aquarius asked that the demonstrators wear orange clothes – the color of life jackets – to make visible the social support they have for the institutions.

"The march will not have a political color but a universal message of humanity, solidarity, respect for life, human dignity, human rights and international maritime law," said a spokesperson for SOS Mediterranean at a press conference in Marseilles.

The aim is to send a message to the States so that the Aquarius resumes its rescue mission, respect the obligations of assistance to people in maritime relief and assume the responsibilities to create a model of rescue.

These principles lead a petition published last week that has the support of more than 108,000 signatures, of the 125,000 that it intends to achieve.

The group denounced that the Aquarius is subject to "deliberate political maneuvers that seek to end their work" and regretted that in the last month Gibraltar and Panama have withdrawn their flags.

"We ask all the States of Europe to take the necessary measures to allow the Aquarius to resume its vital rescue mission as quickly as possible, granting a flag to the ship without further delay," they claimed.


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