The “man with the briefcases” in the Police leaves the Kitchen commission with a complaint for lying

Miguel Ángel Bayo, a police officer who was before an official without a badge was an agent, began his appearance before the Congressional commission for the Kitchen case declaring himself “a fourth-rate cashier” and left recognizing that, as revealed by in March In 2019, he was the “man with the briefcases” in the Corps and acted as a right hand on different issues for the head of the political brigade, Eugenio Pino.

Kitchen summary reveals lack of control over reserved funds thirty years after LAGs

Kitchen summary reveals lack of control over reserved funds thirty years after LAGs

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In Bayo’s own words, he acted as a “carrier” of the money that came from the Ministry of the Interior to the Police to pay for secret operations and he did not limit himself to carrying and bringing papers, but he read them and spoke about them, also about the informative notes prepared by the commissioner José Manuel Villarejo.

For that, they had to spend four hours of questions that Bayo had drawn “vehemently”, as he described himself, and with a mantra: he did not talk about anything because everything was reserved material. Thus he survived the questions of the PSOE or Vox, but not those of the United We Can spokesman, Enrique Santiago, who stood up to the excuse of the reserved material for being false.

Santiago recovered the Government’s order to declassify the issues that Bayo was being asked about, at the request of the National Court at the time, and ended up invoking article 502.3 of the Penal Code to inform the president of the Chamber of that the deputy appreciated “clearly signs of criminality” in the retired physician. The aforementioned article states that “whoever is summoned before a parliamentary commission of inquiry fails to be truthful in his testimony will be punished with a prison sentence of six months to one year or a fine of 12 to 24 months.”

Question time closed, EH Bildu spokesperson Jon Iñarritu, who managed to get Bayo, off-center, to stop talking about the “fourth-grade cashier” to acknowledge that he was carrying and bringing the money from the reserved funds, which was the “carrier” of money and that, as Pino said in court, he brought Villarejo’s briefing notes on issues such as Operation Catalunya to another prominent member of the political police, Marcelino Martín-Blas. And not only that he wore them, he also read them and gave his opinion on their content.

But Iñarritu’s questions caused Bayo to make another mistake. The retired physician assured that he was accessing confidential documentation without express authorization to do so, a serious irregularity. The CNI is the national authority for the protection of classified information, based on the Law that regulates the Center itself since 2002. As such, it issues rules that each Ministry must comply with in order for its personnel to access and handle classified information, according to a regulation of 2012 .. For any official to have access to this documentation, there must be a positive resolution from the CNI. That is the “personal security clearance” that Bayo has acknowledged that he never had.

Collaboration with curator Villarejo

In his turn, ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufián had recovered Miguel Ángel Bayo’s record. This is the official who signed the documents that exempted Villarejo from appearing in a recognition round in the case for the stabbing of Dr. Pinto, claiming trips abroad.

The pensioner medal awarded by Commissioner Pino to Bayo, as the Socialist deputy David Serrada had reminded him, was officially defended by the Deputy Director of Operations for being “in charge of the management and control of everything related to funds or reserved expenses. of the National Police Corps, at the national level, having the information that it handles in this area secret, in accordance with the regulations of official secrets. ”An image is very far from the” fourth-grade cashier “that the appearing party had tried to offer.

After causing him to incur several contradictions, Deputy Rufián concluded: “A patriot has to start to tremble and wish that someone like you is never in the institutions.”


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