The man who kills the ex-husband of his ex-partner: "They will have to shoot me if they were other times" - The Province

Without any sign of regret. Listen to the grief you face. 25 years in jail Little, according to him, for what he did. Guilty of killing 15 stabs at this woman's husband. He thought they were lovers, but she has denied any relationship with the accused. Out of jealousy he decided to kill her ex-husband. Objective to cause as much damage as possible. He sent her a picture of the body and called her on the phone. She lived threatened, like the 40,500 women who have denounced in the second quarter of this year. In three months, more than 9,000 men have been sentenced and 12,000 women have been protected with restraining orders. The victim's environment increasingly denounces more but not enough. And also alert with other data. 80 minors have been prosecuted for cases of gender violence.


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