May 16, 2021

The man who kills his wife: "I wanted to kill myself but the shotgun shot at me" – La Provincia

José Manuel Carballo, "O Chamaco", denied yesterday at the oral hearing held at the Provincial Court of Lugo that he intended to kill his wife, Ana Gómez, at the address they both shared in Becerreá with the two children under she, because "I wanted to kill myself but when I went outside I shot the shotgun."

In his statement to the jury court, he said that on February 12, 2016, he asked his wife to come home because he "wanted to fix the situation with her." But when he saw that he was arriving with the defendant's mother and the two minors, he went into the room of one of the teenagers, with the shotgun loaded, and locked himself inside. Asked by the prosecutor, he said he had no intention "to kill Ana", but "I wanted to kill myself in front of her and my mother. I go outside, with the bad luck that my shotgun was shot."

José Manuel Carballo also denied having previously mistreated or threatened his wife and said he did not remember previous episodes of violence, even that one day he allegedly gunned her with the shotgun and told him he was going to "let it dry."

A different account of the facts presented the lawyer of the private accusation, Oscar Núñez Torrón, who said that the accused shot his wife in the back conscientiously and "despising" that in the trajectory of the shooting "were the victim's children" .

He said that "O Chamaco" called his wife in the previous days until "34 times" to go through the house of Herbón, in addition to ordering her to come alone, because "she had the decision" to kill her "taken" and When he had the chance, what he did was "execute it coldly." In fact, he said that in several WhatsApp messages that he sent to the victim "he already anticipated his death."

The defense lawyer, Paloma Becerra, who asks for the free acquittal for mental "alienation" of her client or, failing that, to take into account mitigations related to "her psychiatric problems", said in her allegation that the defendant killed to his wife, but what happened at Becerreá's house was a homicide and not a murder.

The Prosecutor's Office is requesting 28 years in jail -25 for murder with abuse, two for threats and another year for abuse. Feminist associations and families of the victim received him shouting "Murderer!" In the courts.

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