The man who killed his roommate in a hospital in Asturias is admitted to prison

The Nalón Valley hospital tried to return to normal yesterday, after the crime on Wednesday. / JM PARDO

Corsino SM, 87, could face 25 years in prison since the facts could be considered murder with the aggravating circumstance of cruelty

The man who killed his roommate at Valle del Nalón Hospital because he wouldn't let him sleep is already in prison. Corsino SM, 87, entered the Asturias penitentiary on Thursday night, after being discharged from hospital. Since then he has remained in the nursing module. The judge instructing the case had decreed that same morning, following the request of the Prosecutor's Office, his entry into provisional prison, communicated and without bail, once he had been discharged from hospital, considering that the facts could constitute a crime of manslaughter or murder.

Corsino SM could face 25 years in prison, since once the investigation is over, the facts could be considered murder with the aggravating circumstance of cruelty. The deceased, Manuel Serrano, had numerous blows caused by the triangle that is used as an aid to get up from bed. The aggravating circumstance of treachery due to helplessness could also be applied, given the impossibility that the deceased, a 92-year-old from Lavia, could resist or defend himself from the attack, since he was under the 'containment' protocol, being immobilized in his bed with security fasteners.

Health professionals explained yesterday that "those who had to deal with the event are devastated." In this sense, from the Central Independent Trade Union and Officials (CSIF), in the Valle del Nalón hospital, its team of psychologists has been made available to the staff of the center, as well as its offer to help them in everything they may need, as Felipe Piedra confirmed yesterday. doctor and union delegate of this organization.

At the same time that they regret that something like this has happened in a public hospital, they demand "improvements in the safety of these health spaces," adds Piedra. This union has been calling for these measures for years and emphasizing that the most conflictive and prone to attacks and threats to health personnel are located in emergency services. In Asturias, the hospitals with the highest risk are the Emergency services of the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA), in Oviedo, and those of Cabueñes (Gijón) and the Valle del Nalón hospital.

The brutal crime was discovered by the health personnel of the plant where the victim and his alleged murderer were admitted around five in the morning, when they went to the room to check how the two patients were. The first surprise was when, trying to enter the room, they found the door closed with no possibility of opening it.

locked door

The collaboration of several professionals was necessary to finally be able to access the room, located on the third floor, room A, of the Nalón regional hospital. The aggressor had blocked it with the side table that is placed next to the beds, barricading himself inside the room and trying to prevent access to health personnel.

Despite the unusual nature of the situation, as the professionals explained to their colleagues, "they never thought they would find themselves in such a Dantesque situation."

And it is that the image that was found when they managed to access the room was “horrible”, with “numerous blood spatters” throughout the room, according to the hospital workers. Two elements caught his attention: the triangle of one of the beds used to help patients get up had traces of blood, as well as a pillow, which could have been used to try to suffocate the deceased. The trigger, according to the first hypotheses, was that the deceased, due to a respiratory disease, "made a lot of noise and did not let him sleep."

The Police confirmed on Wednesday, after carrying out the first investigations, that "a blunt object" was used to carry out the crime, which caused the "violent death" of the old man from Lavia.

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