Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

The man who helped his wife die, called 'The Intermediate' to record what happened

El hombre que ayudó a morir a su mujer, llamó a ‘El Intermedio’ para grabar lo sucedido

On April 3, Maria Jose He died after three decades of suffering due to a degenerative disease. Her husband, Ángel HernándezHe had lent his hands to commit suicide. This event brought to light the debate on the regulation of euthanasia. In fact, days after the death we have learned more details about how the suicide assisted and of who was present.

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As they collect the cameras of
The intermediate
Angel called them and recorded the call he made to the emergency services and the whole process. The arrival of the Samur, the National Police, his explanations on the death of his wife and his subsequent detention.

"Justice has a problem when instead of ending the day watching his wife he ends up in police station", Said El Gran Wyoming while Sandra Sabatés explained how the recording was made at Angel's house. "Moments after the death, Angel contacted us to allow us to be the first to go home. Both he and María José had decided that it was The intermediate the one that documented what was going to happen next"

There went a camera and a writer of the program: "No professional is ready to receive that call," he said. And the images that the space of LaSexta picked up showed the desperation of María José and how Ángel moved him in his call to emergencies: "She was already very sick of her situation because I was suffering a lot and decided to commit suicide. I helped her to commit suicide, because she could not with her hands and I I have lent my hands"

The Intermediate recorded Angel instants before he called 061, the call itself, and what happened next. Once the emergency services and the police arrived, you can see the husband explaining to the agents why he did it. After that situation and days later, Gonzo went to Angel's house to chat with him. During the conversation, the man confessed why he had chosen them to record those hard moments.

"I had a lot of confidence, I had met you in October and in that conversation we had, she and I talked about that. It had to be distributed to the media. Must spread it because there are hundreds of people in the situation of María José. If I hide and I do it and nothing is known, she would have been one more deceased, "he said. He summarized the reasons for helping his wife commit suicide.

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