The man who cleans the streets while you sleep

Pedro Ángel Gómez works with premeditation, nocturnality and happiness. Every day, from six in the morning to one in the afternoon, this 49-year-old Mostoleño works with his truck in the task of clearing the containers of Rivas-Vaciamadrid, a municipality southeast of the capital. Gomez, a quiet guy, has been at the controls of this peculiar vehicle for 13 years, currently full of screens and sensors and more automated than ever. It's 6:30 and the driver places his truck in parallel to a yellow container on a quiet residential street. Two shovels unfold, raise the mamotreto and dump its contents: if the environmental awareness of the neighbors has not failed, they will be plastic containers, cans and briks. And at first glance they are. "People recycle more and more," exclaims Gomez, one more of the fleet of drivers that deals with this peripheral area of ​​Madrid. "A lot is collected here, there are many homes. We have even told the manager to put another container."

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