The Malaga festival will repeat the 2020 model with attenuated social events

Malaga, Mar 29 (EFE) .- The twenty-fourth Malaga Spanish Film Festival, from June 4 to 13, will have a format “quite similar to that of 2020”, since the cinematographic exhibition will prevail over social events “very attenuated”, has advanced this Monday its director, Juan Antonio Vigar.

“Within the situation in which we are still uncertain, there are some certainties that invite us to think that the situation is going to change, and we are aware that the appearance of vaccines will mean a qualitative and quantitative change,” said Vigar in the presentation of the poster of the contest, work of the Venezuelan Ramiro Guevara.

According to Vigar, the Festival “will only open to more social events to the extent that the situation allows it”, after a 2020 in which celebrating it was “really very complex” having to “overcome many obstacles”, although the event it was finally “a source of learning and a framework of good practice for colleagues from other festivals”.

He explained that they are currently in the selection process of the fiction feature films that will participate in the next edition, whose registration period ends on April 1, and for this they are “viewing a large number of films, more than one hundred Spanish and almost twice as many as Ibero-Americans “.

“In the end we will have a lot of material to choose from,” assured Vigar, who believes that the decision to delay the 2021 Festival “has helped in the sense of having more films, and also because the health situation can be much better” .

For her part, the general director of the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), Beatriz Navas, has highlighted the “good sense of smell” of the Malaga Festival, which “rewards people who are just starting out” and who later achieve the endorsed at the Goya, the Forqué or the Feroz Awards, as is the case with the film “The girls” and its director, Pilar Palomero, “also a woman filmmaker.”

The ICAA, which this year doubles its contribution to the contest to 200,000 euros, “will continue to collaborate with the Malaga Festival”, and as announced, it will present during its celebration the restoration of the film “That happy couple”, by Luis García Berlanga and Juan Antonio Bardem.

“The ICAA and the Malaga Festival are aligned with the objective of valuing the great heritage that we have,” said Navas, who highlighted “the professionalism and excellence with which the Festival is celebrated, especially last year. , when doing it in person was very important for the culture “.

Ramiro Guevara, winner of the contest called to choose the poster among the 135 proposals submitted, explained in a videoconference from Miami (USA) that his work, entitled “Luz de Málaga”, is “a proposal of strong color, with a lot of impact, two-dimensional and very graphic, but very close to the animated, to the projection “.

“It is something that is one step away from being in motion, thinking that it is a film festival, like a beam of light from which a whole palette of colors is born, with a first white ring from which several colored rings emerge, such as a rainbow with different tones and contrasts that make a game very vivid “, added Guevara, who is the first Ibero-American author to design the poster for the contest.


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