January 23, 2021

The main suspect of spraying two women with acid in Malaga was in search and capture for another sexist aggression

Shortly after two in the afternoon on Tuesday, two cars were planted in parallel in the middle of Cristóbal Toral de Cártama street (Málaga), about fifty meters from the Training and Employment Center. In one of the cars, a white mini, were two 26-year-old women, Sandra and Cristina. In the other, a dark car according to witnesses, there were two men, one of whom dumped the contents of a bottle of corrosive liquid into the women’s vehicle. Both are very serious: one remains in the Regional Hospital of Malaga; the other, in the Virgen del Rocío (Seville), in the large burned unit. The latter was able to explain to those who came to her aid that the aggressor was her ex-partner, whom the Civil Guard has been looking for since yesterday.

Two young women injured after the boyfriend of one of them threw acid at them in Cártama

Two young women injured after the boyfriend of one of them threw acid at them in Cártama

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Anabel Rueda, Councilor for Education of the City Council, helped the two women almost immediately. She was at the training center and estimates that she would come just five minutes after the women’s car, with no one at the wheel, crashed into a streetlight after rolling down the street. A colleague of the councilor entered the center and gave the warning. While others notified the Police and ambulances, Anabel Rueda attended to Sandra.

According to the councilor, she was numb with cold, shivering and her left eye seriously damaged. They had shed much of their clothing and sprawled on the floor. “She told me that she was from Casabermeja, and that the aggressor had been her partner for six months,” says the councilor: “His physical appearance was deteriorating by the minute, he was losing color and his skin was in tatters”. Cristina was in shock, and she was only able to mumble her name and that her mother lived near the place.

“This bastard guy seems to be following the two girls, and he stood in parallel and rebuked them. He was prepared with a bottle of acid with a large mouth, the kind you buy in chemists, and without a word he threw the acid out the window, “he says. Jorge Gallardo, Mayor of Cártama.

The councilor could not see the attack, but she did observe a liter bottle of acid that was left in the place. There are contradictory versions as to whether the attacker threw the liquid from the vehicle or if he got out of his car and took advantage of an open crack in the driver’s window of the Mini to carry out his attack. After the attack, he fled.

The Civil Guard is looking for the alleged aggressor

The first ambulance arrived about fifteen minutes later, according to the councilor’s calculations. Shortly after, a mobile ICU arrived, and an hour and a half later, the helicopter that took Sandra to Seville. “It took more than an hour and a half to intubate her because her airways were quite bad, and it took a lot of work to stabilize her.” He has burns in 45% of his body, as hospital sources have told EFE.

The Local Police of Casabermeja has released photos on Twitter of an individual and the name of the alleged aggressor, 26 years old and resident in a coastal municipality, has also been released. This person has at least one trial pending for the end of January and a search and arrest warrant before the Criminal Court 13 of Malaga, for hitting and dragging another woman in a nightclub, for whom he has a restraining order, according to judicial sources .

The Civil Guard has not confirmed the identity of the alleged perpetrator of the attack, although it admits that it has not yet been able to locate the man mentioned by the victim. The Operational Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard has assumed the investigation, and has requested the collaboration of the National Police and local police to prevent an escape from the country.

José María García, mayor of Casabermeja, notes that the family hardly knew the suspect, much less his background. “They had been together for about six months, had been in town a few times.” He and the victim had recently ended their relationship, according to the councilor.

Concentration of rejection

The friendship between Cristina and Sandra caused them to be in Cártama yesterday, where Cristina had been living with her mother for a short time due to a problem in her apartment in Torremolinos, according to the mayor, who adds that the alleged aggressor has a total of seven causes pending with justice, for alleged robberies, sexist assaults or driving without a license.

The City Council has called a rally of rejection this afternoon. “It was these two girls, but it could have been any woman, just to be a woman and enjoy life. It is the attack of a bastard ”, says Jorge Gallardo. “You are always outraged by these actions, but when you see him so close you feel anger, suffering and pain,” laments the councilor: “Sandra only asked:” why has it happened? ” does bad things. It has no other logical explanation. ”


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