The main operators agree not to call during naps and first thing in the morning




The five main Spanish telephone operators (Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange, Másmovil and Euskaltel) have signed a code of ethics, which extends the one signed in 2010, by which they undertake to make commercial calls before 9 in the morning or after 9 at night, as well as nor carry out this work on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. They have also committed, "in the coming months and at the latest before January 1, 2022", to stop contacting customers at nap time (between 15 and 16 hours) and before ten in the morning. In any case, the signatory companies have worked together to create "a common agile complaint resolution procedure."

It is not the only commitment made by the five big telcos. Also the number of monthly attempted calls to uncontacted customers is limited to three and they have guaranteed that if the recipient of the information claims to have no commercial interest, the operator will not contact him again for three months.

The receiver of this type of calls may request another communication back or 'callback', if at the time you are contacted you cannot have a business conversation. He has also pointed out that the client may return to his original operator, under the same conditions, if he is manipulated in any way to change telco.

In the path of providing greater transparency to this type of practice, the five companies that signed the code of ethics have guaranteed that "The consumer will always know the number from which he is called, the commercial brand that is contacting him and the exclusively commercial reason for the call"You will also be able to access the information on the database from which your data and the person responsible for them come from, so that, where appropriate, they can contact you by electronic means.

Similarly, the five telecoms have guaranteed that distributors and call centers will be controlled through audits, to ensure that no fraudulent or deceptive means are used. They have also pointed out that supervision will be increased to prevent them from obtaining consumer data or responses, which can be interpreted as an acceptance of the change of operator.

Since Digital They have celebrated the launch of this agreement and trust that it will provide "a clear improvement for the sector" and serve to increase the confidence of their customers.

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