The magistrates of the Supreme are fed up with the complaints of the former judge Fernando Presencia and take him to the Prosecutor's Office

The Supreme Court has gone on the attack against Fernando Presencia Crespo. After several weeks of intense activity on the part of the former magistrate -convicted and expelled from the magistracy for favoring friends when he was a judge in Talavera- the magistrates of the criminal chamber have answered his constant public accusations of corruption and of having money in tax havens based on documents of undetermined origin. The Supreme Court announced this Monday that it is putting its accusations in the hands of the Prosecutor's Office, understanding that they are false.

Royuela File: a prevaricating judge and a far-rightist tell you what nobody wants you to know

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The president of the Supreme Court has decided to put the Presencia case and its massive complaints in the hands of the Prosecutor's Office. Decision launched after Manuel Marchena has formally complained about the cataract of complaints that he has filed against members of his false group based on documents of unknown origin and veracity. Marchena denounces that the magistrate convicted of prevarication has published on his website and in an interview with State of Alarm these accusations that he considers unfounded.

"We want to convey not only the indignation that assails us due to the seriousness of some radically false and slanderous accusations, but also due to the irreversible damage that is being caused to the credibility of an institution such as the Supreme Court," says Marchena. Not only is the credibility of the judges of the second chamber at stake, but also that of the institution they represent, she alleges. She understands that Presencia and its association ACODAP could be acting "at the service of a strategy that generates false information" to denigrate their enemies but also to line their pockets through donations.

“Everything indicates that Fernando Presencia may be obtaining financial contributions from unsuspecting citizens who believe that the donation is going to be used to search for information or evidence that demonstrates the corruption of the magistrates in this room,” Marchena accuses. Carlos Lesmes, who also appears in the information and complaints of Presencia, has picked up the glove and has put the case in the hands of the Prosecutor's Office.

The story of Fernando Presence was explained by last April. At the time, a star judge in Valencia, Presencia was sanctioned and exiled by the General Council of the Judiciary for organizing courses without the required authorization. Once in Talavera de la Reina, his next destination, he was named dean and buried his career in just a few hours: on the same day in 2014 he illegally favored two friends in two court cases. Two movements that were transformed into two convictions for prevarication that, one by one, were confirmed by the Supreme Court.

Since then, Fernando Presencia has dedicated part of his efforts to demonstrating that everything is a reprisal for having promoted dation in payment in insolvency proceedings during his time in Valencia, and also to settle scores against the members of the CGPJ and the judges of the court second of the Supreme Court that confirmed their sentences and sanctions. In recent years, especially, communications from its Association Against Corruption and in Defense of Public Action (ACODAP) and complaints based on documentation of dubious origin provided by the architects of the 'Royuela file', one of the epicenters of the theories conspiracy nationals.

Documents in which, supposedly, a retired prosecutor from Barcelona orders hundreds of murders, in which José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero orders Dolores Delgado to kill people and in which dozens of bank statements are revealed that show that, among others, the enemies judicial offices of Fernando Presencia have accounts abroad in tax havens.

Recently Judge Gadea, of the National Court, left the Presencia case in the hands of the Talavera courts after understanding that he falsely accused Dolores Delgado of having money abroad and being part of an organization of murderers. Now it is the Supreme Court that moves the tab after Presencia and its association have accused several magistrates of having millions abroad without more evidence than the documents provided by the far-rightists Santiago and Alberto Royuela, convicted in the past for inventing this type of conspiracies and, in the case of Santiago, for participating in a right-wing attack in Barcelona.

These news and accusations have been directed in recent weeks against magistrates of the criminal court. Pablo Llarena, according to Presencia, has two million euros. Julián Sánchez Melgar, million and a half. Carlos Lesmes, 17 million. And the last one, Vicente Magro, has 750,000 euros according to the former magistrate. A cataract of advertisements on the ACODAP website that arrives shortly after the criminal court, precisely, has begun to study his prison sentence of almost three years for slandering the chief prosecutor of Talavera. Last May, in fact, the room rejected a challenge which he filed against Marchena.

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