May 10, 2021

The magic of Michael Jackson – The Province

The magic of Michael Jackson - The Province

Forever: the best show about the King of Pop, a Spanish production show about Michael Jackson, will take place at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium on February 22 and 23 of this year. For the event there is a local casting in each city where there are functions to find a boy or girl who can embody the popular artist and perform a small dance at the end of the show with all the cast of dancers and the assembly at your disposal , to the rhythm of the song Wanna Be Startin 'Somethin'.

The hearing of children from Gran Canaria took place yesterday morning in the Auditorium itself. Ten were pre-selected through a choreography recorded on video to show their skills on the most emblematic steps of the singer. Only three showed up, but it was enough to make a sure decision, according to the choreographer of the show and the winner's coach, Carmelo Segura. "The winner will give a perfect image of the idol, I'm never wrong, there's a lot of talent in the Canaries, I love these castings for Spanish cities because they allow me to meet many young people for whom Michael's legacy is still alive even though they are so small. When he died ten years ago, seeing children of six and seven who copy his choreography is a very positive thing, speaking with La Toya Jackson stressed to me that he is very interested in the fact that his brother's legacy continues in the new generations ".

Yurena Molina, member of the cast of dancers of the show and the only Canarian of the same was the other person in charge of selecting the winner. "At the audition the children only have to dance about a minute the song of Billie Jean and between Carmelo and me we chose the most suitable one to surprise during the show. He must have charisma, energy and well-defined Michael steps. "

The three children who showed up yesterday in the Auditorium carried the rhythm in their veins. They interpreted Michael Jackson's movements almost perfectly. Mateo Barrios, 11, was the first to act. "Since I first saw Michael as a three-year-old I loved it, he became my idol and I started to imitate him, I also go to ballet classes, my whole life has been based on music and dance". Joel Reyes, eight years old, was the second to appear on the scene. "When I was little the first video I saw was the one Thriller and I always started to dance on the bed and threw myself on the floor. From that moment I liked Michael Jackson. I am struck by his character and his style, his steps. When I grow up I would like to dance like him. Only Chris Brown entertains me more. In a school I am learning too break dance"

Allan Infante, seven years old, was the third to participate. "I have been enjoying Michael since I was 5. He's my favorite artist, I saw a dancer in Youtube I imitated him, I liked it and I became a fan. My favorite choreography is that of Billie Jean. When I grow up I would like to dance and sing if I learn the words of the songs ".

Mónica Hernández, Allan's mother, points out that when her son saw a video of Bruno Mars when she was five years old, she told him to watch one of Michael Jackson's because they looked very similar. "My son loved how he danced, so he started to imitate him, then he met a boy who copied Michael very well on Gran Canaria and became a fan of him. Youtube. As I have found that he likes dancing so much, in school I have pointed him out in this extracurricular activity. I think the love for pop idols and for Jackson in particular will continue for a long time. "

Alejandra Fernández, mother of Joel Reyes, said that with two years she saw the video of Thriller and "it was crazy, he learned to imitate Michael, with two and a half years old I took him to his first class of hip hop and nowadays it is being formed in urban dances. This year we will go to Barcelona in May to compete in the Urban Display"


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