Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

The magic of Baztán returns to the cinema with the ‘Legacy in the bones’

The second film of the successful literary trilogy of Dolores Round, in which the inspector Amaia Salazar just became a mother and fights against the fearsome ghosts of her own, has had her première at the Sitges Festival. Marta Etura is the absolute protagonist of
Legacy in the bones. "A movie of characters and in which the most difficult thing was to maintain the tension for so long," added González Molina.

Besides the omnipresent rain, the film incorporates outstanding effects such as flood Elizondo and was filmed simultaneously with the third installment of the saga. Were 253 sequences rolled in 120 locations and in only thirteen Etura does not appear, which gives an idea, of the delivery that this character has meant for the actress.

The second film of the successful literary trilogy of Dolores Redondo has had its premiere in Sitges

“Amaia is a woman very intense and we prepared the character a lot to be clear in every moment in which situation he was; I understand her perfectly, ”says the protagonist. In this movie, the inspector He just had his son "and is stronger, he has grown emotionally." When the police chief returns to work, the case that opened with a suicide will take her back to her native region and drag her into a complex investigation, in which her family is involved. [/ embed] data-youtube-vid>

Next to him is his faithful patrol partner who plays Carlos Librado, and the efficient inspector Montes, in charge of Francesc Orella and that in this second part he has learned to respect his boss. In this installment new characters appear as the judge who plays Leonardo Sbaraglia and the haunting priest who gives life Imanol Arias, with lancels and fascinated by the character.

The first installment of the saga, The invisible guardian, exceeded 600,000 spectators in the cinema in Spain and also Netflix, which has bought the entire saga. After his presentation at Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, Legacy in the bones will be released on December 5th and the third installment, Offering to the storm, on April 3, 2020.

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