October 27, 2020

The Magec Tas has Sara Duarte despite her injury – La Provincia

He Magec Tías ‘Against Gender Violence’ continues to prepare the squad for the next season in which it will repeat participation in the Women’s League 2. After the renewal of the captain Yaiza Garcia, it is the turn of another of the youth players and who has been all seasons of the club in the national category, Sara Duarte.

Despite the fact that the player is recovering after undergoing surgery in late June to rebuild the internal cruciate ligament of her left knee, the club wanted to show her confidence and offered her renewal for another season.

“My intentions were not clear after what happened, but the club has always been interested in my recovery and certainly having a goal is going to help the rehabilitation shorten”, said the excited Lanzarote base who will face his fourth consecutive season since he returned from Madrid, after completing his journalism studies.

Over the past season, the player prefers to wear a thick veil. “Sports has been one of the worst seasons of my life”, he confessed, explaining that “we did a lot of work and we had little luck, defeats, an injury”. Even so, he wants to find the positive side and points out that “you have to be on the edge to work on getting the best version and that was undoubtedly what the team did”, acknowledging that “each year we get to know each other more and these three years of experience together they will reap the rewards very soon. “

The player, just 25 years old, signed last season 15 games, with an average close to 24 and a half minutes per game, scoring 68 points, collecting 33 rebounds and obtaining 34 evaluation points, until the injury caused in a training took her away from the court and sat her on the bench, where it is increasingly common to see her giving instructions.

“The Magec has given me many opportunities that I would not like future generations to miss”, explains about her role as a base coach. “This year I finish with the generation of 04, after two years (the appropriate time to train a quarry team) and although it is a fantastic human group and I have become very fond of them, it is time, if the club needs it.

Sara, while waiting to return to the courts, continues with her training as a coach. “I feel safer off the track and every year there are more details that catch my attention from the outside than from the inside and now we are going for the level II course,” she hopes. Who knows if in the future, Sara Duarte will be the coach of the first team, although for now, it does not enter her plans.


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