"The Maduro regime will fall by itself"

The Brazilian vice president-elect and general reserve Hamilton Mourao said in an interview published today by the newspaper "Folha de Sao Paulo" that the "regime" of Nicolás Maduro "will fall by itself" and showed his fear of a possible "civil war" violent "in Venezuela.

"There is a very great corruption in the Venezuelan Armed Forces, they lost their hand in relation to the mission they have in the country, the Maduro regime will fall on its own, that is the reality," Mourao said.

The vice president-elect, who was a military attache at the Brazilian embassy in Caracas from 2002 to 2004, ruled out intervention in the military in the neighboring country because "it is not part of the diplomatic tradition" of Brazil to interfere "in internal affairs of other countries."

"What Brazil can do is participate in the international joint effort so that democracy returns to the country, but with diplomatic pressure, without reprisals," he added.

However, he expressed his fear that the crisis that crosses the Caribbean nation "leads to a violent civil war."

In that case, Mourao said, "the United Nations would have to intervene through a peace force", which, in its opinion, should lead Brazil because of its neighbor status and "experience".

On the future relations of the Government of Jair Bolsonaro, who will assume power on January 1, with other countries, Mourao declared that "the position of the United States is unquestionable" on the international scene as a "hegemonic power" of "great technological projection ".

"It is a market to be explored and a strategic partnership," he added.

However, he said that Brazil can not "neglect" its relationship with "other major players", such as China, at a time when Washington has an intense trade dispute with the Asian giant and has reinforced its criticism of the latter's influence. in Latin America.

"A fight with China is not a good fight, right? I am absolutely certain that we are not going to fight, 34% of our exports are for China, we can not close that road," he said.

China is Brazil's largest trading partner since 2009, when it moved from that post to the United States.

As for the change of embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem that Bolsonaro has promised, Mourao declared that "it is obvious that the matter will have to be well thought out" and that it is a "decision that can not be made in haste".

"We have an important commercial relationship with the Arab world and competitors who are attentive if we lose this way of commerce, there is also a very large Arab population in our country, concentrated in our borders," he recalled.

He also cited the "international terrorism originating in the religious question, which could be transferred to Brazil if there was a stronger position in relation to the conflict in the Middle East."


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