July 29, 2021

The Madrilenian who went to Estonia to launch a cryptocurrency | Talent

The Madrilenian who went to Estonia to launch a cryptocurrency | Talent

Since Estonia began to grant virtual residence to citizens around the world, in December 2014, nearly 800 Spaniards have applied for it, although of these only 143 have created a company in the Baltic country. Among this last group of entrepreneurs is Daniel García (Leganés, 1995), who defines himself as "a bad student who was bored by formal education and preferred to investigate on his own what interested him".

By whims of destiny, now García himself has become a teacher, since part of his time is dedicated to teaching cryptocurrency mining in organized courses for companies and through The Block Learning, a training and advisory platform launched by NWC10Lab to help entrepreneurs with technology-based business ideas blockchain.

The block chains are also the germ of the company that García created in Estonia last June, Daviescoin IT OÜ, which aims to promote, in any part of the world, the actual use of cryptocurrency, in such a way that popularize as exchange currency in different areas.

Why in Estonia?

Daniel García thought that in order to promote the daily use of his crypto currency, the davies, he had to create a company that would support him: "I founded Daviescoin in Estonia because the crypto world is already regulated and I do not run the risk of having a retroactive law that harm ".

"We live in a period of transition in which the actual use of blockchain It is still very small, but the truth is that it has many uses and we need someone to take the first step, "he says.

To help build that future, García has founded his own cryptocurrency, the davies, which began trading on August 22. In the short term, the idea is that in November a platform will be launched where anyone can buy davies with your credit card and sell them whenever you want, receiving in your bank account the corresponding amount in local currency.

In addition, an application will be available in February 2019 that will allow loans to be made davies among individuals at the international level, operations that will be shielded since they allow to automatically generate "a contract with electronic and biometric signature valid in any part of the world".

From his facet of entrepreneur, this Madrilenian has another project related to blockchain: My Custom Miner, a website that facilitates the mining of any cryptocurrency without the need of having great technical knowledge.


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