October 24, 2020

The Madrid VAT Forum Foundation is born




Fernando Matesanz and the law firm he directs, Spanish VAT Services Asesores, have created the Madrid VAT Forum Foundation with the aim of contributing to the development and promotion of research and training in the field of VAT, as well as becoming a center reference in Spain and Europe in the study, analysis and dissemination of knowledge of this tax. The Madrid VAT Forum Foundation was born in May 2020 and started its activity in September.

Its main work is conducting studies, organizing talks, courses, colloquia and conferences for professionals specialized in VAT. It also prepares, edits and publishes books, magazines, manuals, articles and studies to disseminate this tax.

One of the initiatives of the Madrid VAT Forum Foundation is to prepare proposals on how to improve the functioning of the VAT for the benefit of a more competitive economy. Therefore, the activities it organizes are open to the participation of all those who are interested in this tribute. But his commitment is not only with research and analysis, but also with training and teaching.

Another important aspect of its mission is the pro bono actions, through which it provides advice in the VAT scope to other entities and institutions of a social nature that carry out activities of general interest and that lack the necessary means to access a traditional advisory service.

The Foundation is a private non-profit entity which is initially financed with contributions from its employers, Fernando Matesanz and Spanish VAT Services Asesores. However, all persons or entities that are interested in making a donation may do so, since the activities of general interest that it develops are possible thanks to the collaboration of other organizations. To help with its financing, different events will be organized throughout the year.

Its governing bodies are the Board of Trustees and the Presidency, held by Fernando Matesanz. Both are in charge of the government, administration and representation of the Foundation. It also has an Advisory Council, which is expected to include the ten largest VAT experts in the country and which will act as a voluntary body for consultation and technical advice.

Fernando Matesanz has more than 20 years of experience in advising all types of companies in the scope of VAT. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the International VAT Association and the EU VAT Forum, one of the groups of VAT experts who advise the European Commission and other community institutions. At the same time, he is part of the Group of Experts on Indirect Taxes of the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors. Spanish VAT Services Asesores, for its part, is the main provider of VAT advisory services in the Spanish and European markets.

The origin of the Madrid VAT Forum Foundation lies in the success of the two congresses on this tax held in Spain in 2019 and 2020 under the name of Madrid VAT Forum, which brought together some 250 specialists each. “After the good reception of the two events, the decision was made to permanently create a forum for debate, discussion and analysis on VAT with the intention of opening their participation to anyone who is interested and making it available to others public or private institutions the ideas and proposals that were reached in those forums “, explains Fernando Matesanz, who adds that it was decided to do it with a foundation format” because we consider that the best way to do all this is through an entity without profit-making and social character ”.

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