December 4, 2020

The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office does not find evidence of cash B in Podemos but asks that it continue to be charged for being “more guarantor”

The Madrid Provincial Prosecutor’s Office asks to maintain the charge of Podemos in the case that the political formation keeps open for its financing because it considers that “it is more guaranteeing”, despite the fact that to date there are no “indications” that prove the alleged irregular financing of the party led by Pablo Iglesias, according to the press release distributed by the prosecutor’s press office.

The Prosecutor's Office asks that Podemos be investigated for the contract with a consulting firm and crosses out the rest of the accusations of his former lawyer as "rumors"

The Prosecutor’s Office asks that Podemos be investigated for the contract with a consulting firm and dismisses the rest of the accusations of his former lawyer as “rumors”

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“We understand that attributing to the party the status of being investigated is more guaranteeing for it because it allows it to become aware of the investigation and guarantees that, if the result of the proceedings there are more signs of financing, it can defend itself and propose proceedings” the letter addressed to the head of the examining court number 42 of Madrid in response to the appeal filed by Podemos in which requested the file of the case.

The Prosecutor’s Office considers that if the Iglesias party did not maintain the status of being investigated, “it could hardly propose evidence or file appeals as it has been doing throughout the procedure”, therefore, it insists on highlighting that this accusation serves to “guarantee the right “from Podemos. In its brief, the Public Ministry remarks that the “only” facts in which it appreciates “rational indications” of crime are the aforementioned to the hiring of the Neurona merchant. Although, on this matter, it indicates that the investigated facts “are likely to be incardinated in a crime of falsification in a commercial document and an electoral crime,” says the published statement, “as referred to in the report sent by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of Accounts “. “Neither the crime of falsehood nor the electoral crime can be committed by a legal person, moreover, in the event of an electoral crime it can only be committed by general administrators,” says the Prosecutor’s Office.

This writing has been issued after appeal presented by Podemos, in which he requested the nullity or at least the file of the case opened after the complaint of the former lawyer of the training José Manuel Calvente, fired in December 2019 for an alleged sexual and labor harassment that the Justice has not considered proven In the first instance. The party accused Judge Juan José Escalonilla of initiating a “general cause” after the battery of open proceedings, with which the magistrate agreed to the accusation of the Secretary of Communication and the party’s campaign director, Juan Manuel del Olmo, as well as the manager, Rocío Val, and the treasurer, Daniel de Frutos.


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