The Madrid Prosecutor's Office communicates that there are no investigations of religious for abuses in Church institutions

The Prosecutor's Office affirms that there are no open investigations against religious for sexual abuse in the Community of Madrid committed in places of worship. In a statement, the Public Ministry of the capital affirms that "there is no evidence" of any procedure of this type opened in the Prosecutor's Office or in the courts of the region, pointing to open cases of abuse within other religious congregations or in schools but perpetrated by teachers who do not have religious status. It also reveals the existence of an investigation into abuse of a priest in Alcalá de Henares, but that it would not have been committed in a religious compound.

The Catholic Church gets rid of compensating the victims in the majority of convictions for pederasty

The Catholic Church gets rid of compensating the victims in the majority of convictions for pederasty

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The Public Ministry thus responds to the request of the State Attorney General's Office to collect all possible information on procedures opened for these events throughout the country. On February 1, the department headed by Dolores Delgado requested this information to its territorial delegations after the newspaper El País delivered a report to the Vatican with more than 250 cases and complaints of pederasty in the Spanish Church. That same day, the Congress of Deputies admitted for processing a request from United We Can, ERC and EH Bildu to create a parliamentary commission on these abuses.

The request for information has not yielded significant results in the Community of Madrid, where cases of abuse have been registered, such as those of concerted schools Valdeluz and Wonders. The Prosecutor's Office explains that it has only been able to detect three open cases in courts that investigate a gym teacher from a religious school in the capital but who is not a priest, a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses and finally the complaint of a former student of a religious college that, for now, ignores whether or not the defendant was a priest. There are also two complaints of this style filed.

The Alcalá de Henares Prosecutor's Office, for its part, explains that it is investigating a local priest for crimes of abuse of minors, prostitution, sexual exhibition and revelation of secrets. In Getafe and Leganés, a pastor of the Evangelical Church is also being investigated for abuse of four underage girls and a religion teacher for abuse of a 4-year-old girl. In the already prosecuted case of the priest of Alcalá, the investigation does not meet all the information requirements requested by the Prosecutor's Office because the events did not occur in a religious venue such as a church or a parish.

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