October 25, 2020

The Madrid Press Association “deplores” Vox’s veto of elDiario.es

The Madrid Press Association (APM) has issued this Friday a statement in which he “deplores Vox’s veto of elDiario.es, as it has already done in repeated similar situations, in which this political party incurs a practice that supposes a serious violation of the constitutional rights to freedom of expression and information. ”

Report Vox among insults, vetoes and threats:

Report on Vox among insults, vetoes and threats: “You are a shame, you will always have us in front of you”

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As the APM recalls in its text, “Vox has again denied accreditation to elDiario.es; in this case, to cover the electoral night next Sunday at its headquarters in Madrid, after this medium formally sent the form to accredit “. The political party has already vetoed elDiario.es and other media in previous electoral calls and has hindered its work at all times between insults, vetoes and threats.

The APM “understands that Vox’s decision to veto elDiario.es, as well as other media on previous occasions – which were also the subject of a complaint by the APM -, aims to intimidate the press from publishing truthful information contrary to their interests and, likewise, evade the essential work of the media that makes possible the right to information of citizens. ”

The APM therefore calls on Vox, “once again, to end its strategy of hostility towards the press and understand that political parties must submit their actions to the scrutiny of public opinion.”


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