March 4, 2021

The Madrid nightclub where dozens of young people without masks danced and drank last night ignored the curfew when scheduling the concert

The Teatro Barceló nightclub in Madrid, where dozens of young people danced and drank this Thursday night, in a concert that was scheduled bypassing the curfew, has issued a statement to “regret” the content of the images broadcast on social networks. In them, it is observed how a large group of people fail to comply with security measures due to COVID-19. In the note that he has made public, those responsible describe these attitudes as “punctual” and argue that they took place at the time when “the premises were closed” and that they undertake to tighten controls.

On the night of Thursday, social networks echoed images of young people inside the premises not complying with all security measures: without a mask, without distances and with crowds, a scenario that could seem prior to the pandemic, but that occurred on the day with the most infections –44,357– and with the highest incidence –795– since March.

The images that yesterday ran through social networks contravene the rules that the club publishes on its website: in them, those who attend are asked to “avoid crowds”, “respect the marks on the ground”, “maintain a safe distance from outside groups” or “use a mask on a mandatory basis”. In the latter case, they insist that it be worn both at the entrances and when getting up and remember that the health authorities recommend that it be used at all times, unless you are eating or drinking. The other rule that is violated at first glance is to avoid “unnecessary travel.”

Teatro Barceló maintains its concert schedule and through its social media channels it had publicized the performance of Yago Roche for this Thursday, which would make them “enjoy themselves in a big way.” The tweets announcing that performance have been removed from their networks. In the image that accompanied the message, the artist’s photo and the event’s schedule, between 6:00 p.m. and 11:45 p.m. –45 minutes after the curfew decreed by the Community of Madrid.

In the statement, the nightclub states that it is “gathering all the information to be able to correctly interpret the images” which, they say, correspond to a “spontaneous reaction” of a part of the attendees, who were “in a very specific part” of room. In addition, they emphasize that, after “these nine seconds” that they maintain that the event lasted, the access control personnel expelled them for “non-compliance with health regulations.”

They also commit after what happened to “reinforce” their measures to ensure that something like this does not happen again and send a message of apology to the rest of the workers in the sector.

For its part, the Municipal Police has announced that it will open an investigation to clarify what happened. In a statement, it has indicated that they are waiting to receive the complaint from the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid and that, once they have it, they will take the necessary administrative and / or criminal measures. In addition, he has argued that he did not go to the place last night because they did not receive any calls informing them of there being any party inside the premises.


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