The Madrid Court files the case against Tezanos for a Vox complaint

The Provincial Court of Madrid has ordered the filing of the case against the president of the Sociological Research Center, Jose Felix Tezanos, for alleged embezzlement. The judges of the 16th section have considered an appeal presented by the State Attorney and ordered the file of the open case as a result of a complaint presented by Vox. The judges of the supervisory body understand that the investigating judge should not even have admitted the complaint.

Protecting our sources is a constitutional right

Protecting our sources is a constitutional right

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The case was opened by the 29th court in Madrid after a complaint in which Vox accused the president of the CIS of embezzling public money. According to the far-right party, José Félix Tezanos was fraudulently using state resources to favor the PSOE in the polls.

The Madrid Hearing leaves in writing a nine-page corrective to the magistrate’s decision and to the Vox complaint. It explains in the first place that the ultra-rightist formation is based on a “misnamed expert report, which is nothing more than a mere compendium of opinion articles” reflecting the errors of the polls. Its conclusions, says the Hearing, “have nothing to do with the imputation of any criminal offense.”

For the judges, the fact that the CIS makes a mistake in an electoral poll does not imply that a criminal case should be opened against its president. “It is evident that an erroneous interpretation of the direction of the vote in certain polls does not justify the initiation of a criminal investigation,” says the order. It is forceful in stating that the magistrate should never have admitted the complaint for processing: it says that “there is no doubt that it should have been inadmissible for processing, in such a way that, in its logical consequence, the practice of the interested and improperly admitted proceedings becomes useless” , including the accusation of Tezanos.

Magistrate María Cristina Díaz decided estimate the request of the far-right party and called Tezanos to testify on 29 October. Díaz, as reported by, has been a senior position for both Cristina Cifuentes in her time at the head of the Community of Madrid as well as in the Government of Mariano Rajoy. His friendship with Cifuentes caused him to have to withdraw from the failed lawsuit that the former president filed against this newspaper for the publication of the ‘Master’s case’.

It is the same magistrate who also tries to get to reveal its sources of information. At the request of the Franco family, he has opened proceedings against an official and has demanded that this newspaper reveal who the source was that allowed the publication of the State Heritage report on the Pazo de Meirás. A list with all historical treasures that the Franco family kept in the palace that the dictator usurped.

Both the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office had requested the file of the case against Tezanos. In the case of the Madrid Public Ministry, it understood that the complaint was based on “conjecture and mere suspicions.”


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