The Madrid Court concludes that there are police reports against Dr. Pinto of "tarnished reliability"

The relevance of the indications of a police set-up against Dr. Elisa Pinto grows after the Provincial Court of Madrid assures in a car that there are reports prepared by the National Police that have a "tarnished reliability". Three judges of the Fifteenth Section have rejected the appeals of the businessman Javier López Madrid and the retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo against the order to go to abbreviated procedure in a decision that leads both to the bench of the accused of threats, coercion and injuries with a dangerous instrument to the dermatologist Elisa Pinto.

Both will have to respond, therefore, for the campaign of harassment, intimidation and aggression against women, which Juan Miguel Villar Mir's son-in-law would have launched and for which he would have hired Commissioner Villarejo, then active. However, the allusion to the police reports of "tarnished reliability" has to do with the orders that the then deputy operational director of the Police, Eugenio Pino, architect of the PP's political brigade, made to a subordinate, commissioner Alberto Carba , currently in charge of the largest police station in Madrid, the one in the Centro district.

As published by, the Civil Guard found on López Madrid's phone, seized in the context of his arrest in the Lezo corruption case, some messages with Commissioner Carba in which the favored treatment was appreciated that the powerful businessman had received from the police. This, in turn, had been commissioned to re-investigate the complaints between López Madrid and Pinto from the beginning, just when the progress of the investigation had brought Commissioner Villarejo to the brink of being charged, fully involved at that time in the activities of the political brigade.

According to Pinto's defense, Carba directed the investigation in one direction: to find the doctor guilty of threats and coercion to López Madrid and he did so. “We are going to win this match”, Commissioner Carba told López Madrid in one of the messages, despite the imputation and restraining order of the doctor who weighed on the businessman issued in the Investigating Court number 39 of Madrid. Neither Pino nor Carba have been charged in the case.

“The investigation is concluded, the facts and their authors delimited, the legal qualification expressed by the investigating judge, therefore the confirmation of the contested order proceeds”, resolve the judges of the Fifteenth Section of the Provincial Court of Madrid Ana Revueltas (rapporteur ), Luis Pelluz and Carmen Herrero against the last resources of Villarejo and López Madrid.

Within the framework of the same "harassment", but for the crime of bribery, since López Madrid had hired a public official, the businessman and the police officer They are on their way to the bench also in the National High Court in a separate piece of the Tandem case.

The magistrates highlight as “certainly worrying” that some events that occurred in 2014 and about which their Chamber ruled for the first time in April 2017 – when it ordered Judge Belén Sánchez to reopen it and ordered the lineup that definitively implicated Villarejo – has not yet been tried. And for this he directly blames the lawyers of the private prosecution, exercised by Pinto, and the defense of López Madrid and Villarejo. "They have unfolded a whole circumstantial scenario that has slowed down the criminal procedure to quasi-fraudulent limits," they add.

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