The Madrid Court allows the soccer player convicted of abuse Lucas Hernández to avoid jail

Bayern Munich footballer Lucas Hernández will not have to go to prison after being convicted several times for gender violence. The Provincial Court of Madrid has decided to suspend his admission to jail ordered by a judge in the capital after accumulating several sentences for abuse and breach of sentence.

They order the entry into prison in Spain of Lucas Hernández

They order the entry into prison in Spain of Lucas Hernández

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The magistrates allow him to avoid jail as long as he does not offend again for four years and pays a fine. The financial sanction is 240 installments at a rate of 400 euros per day, which leaves a fine of almost 100,000 euros as stated in the order of the Provincial Court. Hernández asked to pay fees of 10 euros a day but the judges increased this number, claiming that “he is a distinguished professional footballer for Bayern and the French team.” They add that “it is not necessary to be a deep connoisseur of the world of football to know that the economic capacity of the prisoner” allows him to assume that payment of 96,000 euros if he wants to avoid prison.

Hernández, currently a soccer player in Germany and previously at Atlético de Madrid, has been convicted several times by different courts in the capital for episodes of abuse. The first time he was convicted of assaulting his partner during a fight, for which she was also convicted, and later he was convicted again of going on a honeymoon together despite the restraining order that the Justice had issued by then.

The Madrid Court allows him to avoid jail taking into account his personal and family circumstances and recalls that “it cannot be ignored that the person he could not approach consented to such an approach.” That is, they take into account positively that the restraining order was skipped with the consent of their partner, something that according to the Supreme Court is not an exemption from criminal responsibility in this type of case.

Also noteworthy are the judges that to this day they continue to live with the same couple “without any new incidents between them.” They also highlight that his last conviction is from 2017 and that since then “the commission of any new criminal act does not appear on his criminal record, which can be assessed to consider that at present it is not necessary to wait for the execution of the sentence to prevent the convict from committing a crime “.


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