The machinists’ union calls off the Renfe strike



The Spanish Union of Train Machinists and Railway Helpers (SEMAF) and Renfe They have announced that they are calling off the machinists’ strike, that the union organization began on September 30 and planned to continue on October 8, 11 and 12, after reaching an agreement on Thursday night.

According to the union, Renfe has decided to meet “the demands” to “recover the public service that the company provided to citizens before the Covid.” “The Renfe Group has agreed to recover all the trains, all the templates and the integrity of the public company and its employees”, has indicated in a statement.

SEMAF explained that another of the agreements they have reached is “the commitment to maintain the integrity of the company and its staff in the face of privatizations and transfers.”

The union has insisted that currently the railway services presented “A deficit of 861 fewer trains per day, compared to a similar day in 2019”. These figures, according to the union organization, suppose “25,830 fewer trains per month and 309,960 fewer trains per year.” “A service that the company had deteriorated taking advantage of the COVID 19 pandemic, and that it did not intend to recover,” they have criticized.

Along these lines, they have criticized the operator for having “drawn the strategy of removing trains to eliminate personnel and without workers no longer recovering the trains.” “They have even left populations without any service,” they stressed.

Finally, the group of machinists has taken the opportunity to transfer that they “deeply” regret the situation «Which, caused by the Renfe Group», railway users have had to live during these days of strike.

«The Renfe Management has avoided until the last moment agreeing on the measures that allow the recovery of the company itself. He has disregarded numerous requests from this union, he has ignored the Conflict Commission held on August 17. Later, the strike was called on September 7 and in all this time the Strike Committee has not met to try to resolve the claims ”, they have settled.

Agreement that endorses «measures» initiated by Renfe

For her part, the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Rachel Sanchez, has confirmed that the machinists’ union SEMAF and Renfe have reached an agreement to call off the strike, which “Endorses measures” that the company “already had in place.”

“The agreement endorses measures that Renfe already had in place, such as the recovery of services and the incorporation of new drivers,” said the minister in a message published on the social network Twitter, picked up by Europa Press.

Later, in a statement, the company explained that they have held talks with the machinists’ union “since the protests began, despite the failure to comply with minimum services.”

That agreement, according to Renfe, contemplates “a series of measures to progressively recover the services suppressed by the pandemic», Something that the operator, has stressed,« has already been carrying out ». Thus, he recalled the incorporation into the service of new drivers, “who must pass the necessary training and approval processes prior to starting the activity of driving passenger trains.” “These training and approval processes have been delayed due to the pandemic,” he insisted.

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