The Luelmo family: "Recidivist murderers and rapists must complete their sentence" | Society

The Luelmo family: "Recidivist murderers and rapists must complete their sentence" | Society

The family of Laura Luelmo He has broken his silence. Since the meeting was murder of the 26-year-old girl from Zamora at the hands of his confessed murderer, the ex-convict Bernardo Montoya, in El Campillo (Huelva), the relatives of the teacher only raised their voices to demand respect from the media in the treatment of information. Now, they have charged against the State and accused him of having "failed miserably" for not being able to "guarantee the right to life" of his daughter by "exposing her to a monstrous being" who did not complete her sentence or complete her sentence. "total rehabilitation" for their social reintegration.

With these words the family of Luelmo was expressed on January 24 in a letter sent to the president of the Courts of Castile and Leon and the prosecutors (to which EL PAÍS has had access), in response to another letter that the Castilian parliament sent to the family on December 29 to convey their condolences and communicate the minute of silence that they maintained on December 18. in the autonomic plenary –after the lifeless body was found of the young woman.

"As soon as he is released, he commits the two acts (murder and sexual assault) for which he was previously convicted," the relatives recount in the letter, stating that they deserve "an apology and a public request." of pardon of the State for its tremendous failure in not attaining the purpose of the fulfillment of the sentence ".

After thanking the Courts of Castilla y León, the condolences and the homage, make him feel that this act "is not enough" in cases like "the tragically lived" by his daughter. The Cortes "can do much more to support our family, broken by pain, with concrete actions, studies and proposals to revise the Criminal Code, so that these types of crimes are real and severely punished and not only publicly reprobated, so that murderers and repeat offenders who do not have or have not shown their will to recover can not continue to violate and kill, so that the penalties for this type of crime are fulfilled, "they say in the letter.

Luelmo's family also urges the State to study the conditions under which interns have access to substitutions, and they report that, in many cases, they must join their job in 24 or 48 hours in destinations where they can not find a job. ease a house or room to rent for a short period, so that they are forced to "get anywhere" because "they do not find anything decent".


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