The 'Lucas case' puts Atlético in check | sports

The 'Lucas case' puts Atlético in check | sports

In video, the president of Atlético, Enrique Cerezo, together with Griezmann and Lucas during the last Christmas meal at Atlético. THE COUNTRY | Video: Atlas

Yes Lucas Hernández (Marseille, 22 years old) ends up leaving the Atlético de Madrid the next January 1 to play at Bayern Munich, as the newspaper advanced Brand on Wednesday, his departure would be a tremendous blow to the waterline of the short-term and long-term sports project of the rojiblanco club.

The loss of the central player would greatly weaken the defense of the rojiblanca, the most affected by the plague of injuries that plague the team, and the bastion of the system and the Simeone style. Lucas covers with guarantees not only the central position, but also the left back, where Filipe Luis has also been the victim of two injuries in recent weeks. The flight of Lucas would also occur in the middle of the season in which the club aspires to dispute the final of the Champions League in its own stadium and before the complex knockout round against Juventus.

From the rojiblanca entity, put in check, they continue to hold on to the words transmitted to them by the player, his agent Manuel García Quilón- that already took Theo, brother of Lucas, to Real Madrid-, and Bayern himself, denying the operation. The result of that three-way conversation was reflected in a statement issued by Atlético on Wednesday night in which the operation was denied. However, the statements of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, general director of the Bavarian club, shortly after the denial was disseminated, have reduced the force. "I can not deny anything, I can not confirm anything. You can confirm something only if it is fixed, but it is not the case. Now let's wait and see if we do something in January. In Spain, there is always an exit clause and that is an advantage in this case. If we have a specific interest, we will inform Atlético. That's what style, ethics and friendship demand, "said Rummenigge at the end of Bayern's match against Leipzig.Rescision clauses in Germany are not taxed with VAT, as in Spain and other countries, so that the operation would be adjusted to the 80 million that appear in the contract as a release amount.

Luke renewed with Atlético before the World Cup in Russia until 2024 going on to collect a figure close to four million euros per season. However, from the club admit that with the title of champion of the world obtained with France his agent has been trying for months to raise the emoluments of his represented in accordance with his new status and the appetizing thing that is for the big clubs a player of his potential and your age. They also recognize in the club rojiblanco that has been negotiated with the player, who would be willing to stay if they offer the same as they can pay in another club. Bayern, who has made public the need to renovate an aging squad, offers Lucas double his salary on a four-year contract. Right now, the club can not afford that payment, handcuffed by Griezmann's million-dollar renovation – 20 million euros a year – for the more than 110 million euros disbursed by Lemar, Rodrigo, Arias and Kalinic and for the cost of the new stadium that has recently needed to be mortgaged to extend its line of credit with the construction company Imbursa, owned by Mexican magnate Carlos Slim.

Inflation in the locker room

The case of Lucas is one more of the maelstrom of wage rises demanded by Atlético since the continuation of Griezmann was announced at a rate of twenty million net euros per season. An offer that exceeded that of Barcelona and that was specified by the insistence of Diego Pablo Simeone in the need to have the player in a course marked by that final of the European Cup scheduled in the Metropolitan Wanda. Since then, Diego Costa, Saul, Oblak and Godín (who finishes contract this summer, when he will be 33 years old, and has not renewed) have claimed increases that the club has not been able to satisfy due to the stress that his treasury suffers.

With this scenario, Atletico would have to try to convince the player or Bayern to delay his march until the summer or cut it off by satisfying his pretensions. The latter seems complex. He also has to trust Lucas, his agent and Bayern, in a world like football where every time the word is worth less and even nothing. If not, the Athletic will have eighty million euros to deal with hirings in January and some key renewals, including Simeone.

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