Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

The losses of Zidane if Pogba and Hazard arrive at Real Madrid

The losses of Zidane if Pogba and Hazard arrive at Real Madrid

Hazard is the player who is closest to signing for Real Madrid de Zidane for the project that begins in eight days, just when the League ends. Behind him will go Pogba, the Frenchman, if nothing goes wrong and Real Madrid convinces with players or money to Manchester United.

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Those signings are clear. But if two players arrive from the midfield, we will have to make room for them, because both Pogba and Hazard are going to sign for Real Madrid to be holders, talent, hierarchy and disbursement. They are the ones who have to start the change.

With two more players, it is evident that there are a couple of footballers left in midfield, discounting Bale, which is considered since it is more out than inside.

Isco. Your starting point is to stay at Real Madrid, another thing is that seeing the signings that arrive and what can be your role, change your mind. Very rarely has he been the undisputed holder of the white team, but he is one of the players who has the most sign.

Asensio. At the club they are not particularly happy with their performance this year, but they remain hopeful in their quality. In the last match, playing on the right wing, his performance improved a lot. He is a young player and you can forgive a downturn like he has had.

Ceballos. Now he is a substitute, although Zidane is giving him minutes. The problem that presents itself is that it will be more substitute with the signing of other players. He needs minutes to not get stuck and to become a big player.

Modric. Last season he threatened to go to Inter and Madrid reacted. He is a main player and in some performances he has shown pride that others have lacked. Your age, however, is a problem.

Kroos His role this season has been discreet, at least, but neither Hazard, who plays more advanced or Pogba are players of his style, with that precision in the pass, which he has to recover.


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