The Losacio fire claims its third fatality a month later

Desolate appearance of one of the tens of thousands of hectares of Sierra Zamora burned by the fire that started on July 17 in Losacio.

A neighbor dies after weeks of struggle with the burns that the fire caused all over his body when he was caught while fleeing in the car

Alfonso Torres

The environmental tragedy that began a month ago in the mountains of Zamora, when lightning from a dry storm set the Losacio mountains on fire and a week later the fire had engulfed 36,000 hectares of trees, the last chapter is still not closed. The largest forest fire that is reported in Spain, in addition to turning a natural space three times the size of Seville into ash, in its first 24 hours took the life of a shepherd who tried to save his flock and a member of the forestry brigades who were working at the risk of their lives to stop the advance of a wild and uncontrollable fire, which completely overwhelmed the extinction teams and volunteers.

Early this Tuesday, in the burn unit of the Getafe hospital in Madrid, Eugenio Ratón, the third victim of the Losacio incident, died. A resident of Sesnández de Tábara who was trapped by a tongue of fire inside his vehicle when, on the night of July 17, he tried to keep his family safe from the flames that since that afternoon have devoured the Zamora mountains at a unimaginable speed.

Mouse, 65 years old, underwent sedation and repair surgeries and skin grafts, but his body could not withstand the injuries caused by very serious burns that affected more than 80% of his body.

The flames, which devoured Alicante and Castellón this Tuesday, burned more than 20,000 hectares of mountain only on the bridge

It is the third victim of a mega-fire that, added to the one that happened just a month before in the adjoining Sierra de la Culebra, means the disappearance of some 60,000 hectares of forest in Zamora, the Spanish province most affected by far this summer. Daniel Gullón, the 62-year-old brigade member, was surprised by the fire in the early hours, when he attacked the front with the hose of his pumper. The corpse of Victoriano Antón, 69 years old, was found burned, along with those of the animals of his herd, about twelve hours later, in the area of ​​Escobar de Tábara where they were surrounded by fire.

He is still fighting for his life at the Río Hortega Hospital in Valladolid Ángel Martín, a businessman popularly baptized as the 'hero of Tábara', who was caught on July 18 by the Losacio fire when, with a tractor and with the help of other neighbors , was trying to build a firewall to prevent the flames from entering their town. The sequence that captures the moment in which Martín crosses the curtain of fire that had locked him up became viral. Unfortunately, in his miraculous escape, a good part of his body was burned.

The danger of the thunderbolt

While the third person to die from the Losacio tragedy recalled that Spain is experiencing the worst forest fire nightmare of the century, the flames continued to advance uncontrollably through various parts of the peninsula, especially in Alicante and Castellón, but also in Galicia.

Madrid, under the smoke of the great fires of Portugal

For two months the country has not stopped burning. Only in the four days that add up to the August bridge and this Tuesday, almost 20,000 hectares burned and it was necessary to evacuate between 3,000 and 3,500 people due to the imminent threat of the flames to their urbanizations, camps and towns. The ground scorched since Friday is equivalent to more than a third of what is burned in the first eight months of a normal year.

Despite the efforts of hundreds of people on the ground and dozens of planes and helicopters, a fire caused by lightning from a dry storm in the Vall d'Ebo has been devastating the Marina Alta region of Alicante since Saturday. The last provisional assessment calculated 10,000 hectares already burned by a monster with three fronts and a perimeter of more than 65 kilometers.

The flames forced some 1,500 residents of eleven neighborhoods and towns in the area to evacuate on the run. The last one, Benimasset, this Tuesday, shortly after noon. He forced the closure of roads, such as the one that connects Vall d'Ebo with Pego.

Fear and evictions were repeated in Bejís and Torás (Castellón). The ignition caused by another lightning strike on Monday consumed 800 hectares. The Civil Guard, around 3:00 p.m., urged the 500 inhabitants house by house to flee with what they were wearing, since they had flames at the doors.

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