February 25, 2021

The "Los Lobos" award for "Boom!" it stays in the middle

Hacienda will stay on average with 46.3% of the total prize of 6.68 million euros achieved on Monday by the team of 'Los Lobos' in the contest 'Boom!' of Antena 3, the biggest boat in the history of television. This is the calculation made by the Technicians of the Ministry of Finance (Gestha) on the prize obtained by 'Los Lobos', so the contestants will be integrated into this small group of the largest taxpayers who only belong to 0.05 % of contributors.

Given that the prize will be included in the Income Tax returns as a capital increase, the winners will have to pay the corresponding IRPF that will vary depending on the autonomous community of residence of each one. In total, Gestha estimates that the real burden of income tax for the 2018 and 2019 years for all the winners will be 3.09 million euros, with an accumulated effective rate between the two years of 46.3% ( 4.5% in 2018 and 46.9% in 2019).

The fiscal impact of each specific case differs from 43.8% of Erundino Alonso, resident in Guadalajara (Castilla-La Mancha); 49.5% of the Navarrese Manu Zapata; 46.6% of the Alicante Valentin Ferrero; 46.4% of the Andalusian Alberto Sanfrutos or 42% of the Salmantino José Pinto, this last initial member of 'Los Lobos' who died last February after having been replaced in December by Sanfrutos in the contest.

The calculations made by Gestha have been made with the limitations of not being able to access the rules of the contest, the ignorance of personal or family circumstances that increase the personal minimum in general or other ordinary performances of the contestants that should be added to the calculation of the IRPF at the maximum marginal rate, nor the reductions and deductions to which they could be entitled.


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